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The table below lists feats that require the ability to cast spells with words.

Wordcasting Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Concentrating Words Have at least 1 spell word/day. You can spend words instead of concentrating.
Critical Statement Know at least one spell word Get bonuses on a natural 20.
Expanded Word Focus Have Word Focus for at least one word. Increases the stackability of a Word Focus.
Extra Word Knowledge Caster level 1 in a Spell Word-Based Casting class Learn a new word, and learn new words better.
Fast Talker Caster level 3 in a Spell Word-Based Casting class You can speak your spells more quickly
Professional Worder Know at least one spell word Increase your caster level for a Wordcasting class.
Ritual Litany Know at least one spell word You can spend extra time on a word spell in order to get a +5 bonus to the check.
Word Focus Know at least one spell word The save DC's of some of your spells are increased.
Words of Cancelling The Countering Words class feature You can counter other people's spells with words more efficiently
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