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<onlyinclude><span style="display:none">[[3e Summary:: <!-- Write a short description of what the vestige does, here. -->]]</span> =<!-- Replace this line except for the =es with your vestige name and title, e.g. Vestus: The Example Vestige-->= Level: <!-- Put the vestige's level here.. --> Binding DC: <!-- Here is where the Binding DC for your vestige goes. --> Special requirement: <!-- Yes or No --> ==Legend== <!-- Put your vestige's origin story here. --> ==Manifestation== <!-- Explain what happens when your vestige appears during the binding process. --> ==Special Requirement==<!--If your vestige has no special requirements to call upon it, remove this entire line. Otherwise write the requirements below.--> ==Sign== <!-- Describe the physical effects on a binder who binds your vestige. --> ==Influence== <!-- Describe the behavioral effects on a binder who binds your vestige poorly. --> ==Granted abilities== <!-- Describe the abilities your vestige grants to its binder here. --> ---- {{3.5e Vestiges Breadcrumb}} <!-- If your vestige is level 1, replace this line with [[Category: Vestige 1]]; if it is level 2 replace it with [[Category:Vestige 2]], etc. If it is an epic vestige, replace the line with [[Category: Vestige Epic]]. REMOVE THIS ENTIRE LINE --> [[Category: Vestige]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:DnD]] [[Category:3.5e]]</onlyinclude>

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