3.5e Race Editing Instructions

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Editing Instructions[edit]

Just replace the comments (the text starting with <!-- and ending with -->) with your own descriptive text. Take special care not to remove the category tags at the bottom, as they will allow readers to navigate to your page. Also, the comment containing Race's type is to be replaced with your race's information (Humanoid, Dragon, Elemental, etc.) If the race has a subtype, include that as a separate category tag. For example, a goblin would have the categories:

[[Category:Humanoid Type]]
[[Category:Goblinoid Subtype]]

Also, make sure the tags for Level Adjustment and ECL are filled out properly to help make your race easier to find on the Wiki. See existing entries for examples. Remember that ECL and LA are not the same thing, nor are they ever the same value. ECL is always higher than the LA.

Be sure to use proper sentence structure in your descriptive text. For help on formatting, read Help:Standards and Formatting (DnD Guideline).

It is strongly encouraged that you also "Create new creature" based on your race.

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