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Familiar Feats are feats that require a familiar, usually gained as a Sorcerer, Wizard or Hexblade class feature.

Familiar Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Big Familiar The ability to summon a familiar You can take a larger animal or vermin as a familiar.
Cadaverous Familiar The ability to summon a familiar, Ability to cast the animate dead spell You can take an undead creature as a familiar.
Extra Familiar Already have a familiar You can acquire more than one familiar
Familiar Bond
Familiar Concentration A familiar Your familiar can concentrate on spells for you.
Familiar Development A familiar You have put time and effort into developing your familiar.
Familiar Feat A familiar Your familiar learns a new feat.
Familiar Feat Merge A familiar Your familiar learns all the feats you know.
Familiar Focus A familiar You compensate for any lack in focus when developing your familiar
Familiar Fortitude You do not physically suffer from the loss of a familiar.
Familiar Range Extension A familiar You can communicate with your familiar over long distances
Linked Resistance Familiar with SR When touching your familiar you can benefit from its Spell Resistance (SR).
Talking Familiar Familiar, arcane spellcaster level 5th Your familiar gains the ability to speak normally.
Toltec Familiar Must have a familiar You are able to transform your familiar into a small handheld object
Weapon Familiar Ability to cast first level spells, must not have a familiar but be able to get one. Not satisfied with an animal familiar, you create one that is more martially minded than most.
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