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155mm Howitzer

Huge object
Armor Class: 20
Hit Points: 350
Damage immunities: poison, psychic

A 155mm howitzer is a modern field artillery piece capable of either direct fire like a long-ranged cannon or indirect fire over obstacles and barriers that does not need line of sight. It is very popular among NATO armies, most of which have adopted it. For ammunition, it uses extremely powerful 100 lb. high explosive anti-tank shells that can destroy armored vehicles in a radius of up to 50 meters or kill infantry in a radius of up to 100 meters. It requires a crew of nine: A chief to issue orders, six cannoneers to load the howitzer and ready it for fire, as well as both a gunner and an assistant gunner to aim and fire it. The whole crew must take five actions to load and fire the howitzer.

Direct Fire. The howitzer fires a shell at a point within 1 mile that the gunners can see. Each creature within 320 feet of the point must make a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw, taking the listed damage on a failed save or half as much damage on a successful one.

Indirect Fire. The howitzer fires a shell at a point within 10 miles that does not need to be within the line of sight of the gunners. The gunner and the assistant gunner must make an Intelligence check, adding the results together (DC 30+1 for every mile away the point is, rounded up) to strike the target accurately. For every point they fail the Intelligence check, the shell strikes a point 1d20x5 feet away from where it’s intended in a direction of the GM’s choice. Because of the high arc of the shell, creatures get no benefit from cover.

Distance from Origin Damage
80 ft. away or closer 40d6 (140) bludgeoning damage plus 40d6 (140) fire damage.
81 to 160 ft. away 20d6 (70) bludgeoning damage plus 20d6 (70) fire damage.
161 to 240 ft. away 10d6 (35) bludgeoning damage plus 10d6 (35) fire damage.
241 to 320 ft. away 5d6 (17) bludgeoning damage plus 5d6 (17) fire damage.

A trained crew can pack up a howitzer for transportation in five minutes, or emplace it so that it’s battle-ready in the same amount of time. While it’s in travel mode, it can be towed by a truck at a speed of up to 45 miles per hour.

The M777 howitzer, a 155mm artillery piece used by the United States.

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