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Welcome to D&D Wiki![edit]


Hello FlySkyHigh and welcome to D&D Wiki. I hope you have been enjoying D&D Wiki and I hope you have been finding the information here useful. Before you start contributing it is recommended you make sure your user preferences match your preferences. I help administer D&D Wiki, and everything relating to D&D Wiki's administration can be found here.


If you have any questions about a specific page please ask it on that page's talk page. If you have a D&D-related question please ask it on DnD Discussions. Other questions should be asked to another (ask me a question).


Formatting on D&D Wiki (or any wiki for that matter) can be very difficult, and if you need help a good place to start is Help:Editing on Wikipedia (or even their Introduction page). This will explain basic wiki formatting and should provide quite a few useful links that explain more specific areas of wiki formatting. Again, if you have any questions about formatting on D&D Wiki please ask them as, I imagine, anybody will be more than happy to help you get them answered.


A strong and welcoming community exists on D&D Wiki, and I am sure you will find it rather nice. Most discussions take place on content talk pages, however please feel free to ask specific D&D-related questions on DnD Discussions. Anyway, possibly since discussions are never deleted, people try to be nice. This means follow Wikipedia's guidelines on civility and etiquette when discussing anything. Also, on a pretty different note, to ensure people know who posted what, please sign your name after a post with four tildes (~~~~) or by clicking on the signature icon (Signature icon.png). This will automatically produce your name and the date. Anyway, I hope you come to enjoy D&D Wiki and the community and welcome again, you are now a D&D Wikian. --Green Dragon 19:20, 30 October 2011 (MDT)


Welcome to D&D Wiki! First of all, thanks for all your hard work on the Halo CS. I noticed there were a few weapons that you condensed onto one page -- what happened to the individual pages that the information used to be on? If they are no longer linked to/needed anymore, can you put a {{delete}} template on it so that I know they aren't needed any more? Thanks! JazzMan 08:57, 18 October 2011

Ah yes, thank you. In some cases i left the page in existance and used it as a base, others i simply left alone. I will go back through my logs and mark them for deletion. --FlySkyHigh 02:57, October 18 2011 (CST)
Alright. Thanks again for the update Jazz, I've gone back through the histories, relocated any removed page links or information that I pulled and marked each individual page for deletion. Also I apologize on behalf of DarkExitium, as the formatting changes were in part my doing. He and I have been working closely together on this, I will see to it that we use the proper formats. We also intend on branching out from just the weapons and armor and doing re-vamp/rework of everything in the Halo CS, so I hope you can look forward to further changes. --FlySkyHigh 05:06, October 18 2001 (CST)
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