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About Me[edit]

I admit to some trepidation upon entering this world, as from what I've come to understand the world of Wiki's is often filled with people intent on disrupting hard work, but here I am out on my grand tour of effort to see what I can do to help. I'm 21 years old and have been playing D&D as long I can remember, my father introducing me to it when I was no older than 8 years old or so, and I've been absolutely in love with the game ever since. I only began playing d20 Modern in the last few years or so, but I see a lot of merit and potential for the system, and so far I thoroughly enjoy it. I look forward to the times I get to spend with my friends enjoying a good story written by all of us together. Hopefully you share the same joy.

Current Project[edit]

Complete overhaul of the Halo CS (In Progress)

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