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You should edit this to say, more clearly, how exactly you get mana, in general and of different colors. Other than that I'll start playtesting this next week.

I would suggest adding more spells for planeswalkers abilities and allowing a player to know more spells every so many levels, much like a warlock. This would also allow you to use other classic magic spells like Lightning Bolt, or Counterspell. I want to give you the option of editing in spells of your choice before I edit in spells I believe would be good for this class, and how many a planeswalker can know at a time.

I suggest adding the abilities relevant to the Alara Planeswalkers; Ajani (Having a new Red/White from Naya), Elpeth (The White Knight of Bant), Sarkhan Vol (A Green/Red Dragon Based Shaman of Jund), Tezzert (A Blue Human infused with Etherium from Esper) Demonic Panda

The Class table has been formatted, but it still doesn't totally meet the Wiki's standards. It is likely that not all of the links will function properly since "Bonus Feat" was included for several class features without a name change. In addition, you should add in whether the abilities are "Extraordinary", "Supernatural", or "Spell-Like". Without those, the formatting standards are still not met. - TG Cid 07:05, 23 July 2009 (MDT)

If no one bothers i'll add the artifact color. Basig it off of Tezzert and Karn (The Creator of Mirrodin)

If anyone has any suggestion or ideas they should fix what this guy attempted to start i like most of the ideas people have suggested and am going to try to work with this, maybe even making my own adjustments just for playability

Royalty Point Cap Increase[edit]

Ugh... The random gain of how much your cap increases by makes me rather leery. An acquaintance said, "Luck of the draw determines everything in life, it shouldn't determine who we're even able to PRETEND to be too." While we were talking about rolling for things like stats and HP, I feel this also holds true in this case. If someone continually rolls low, will they be able to face the same encounters of someone of the same level who's rolled well? One can claim that statistically, everyone's going to end up with the average in the end. But too often in a game I've seen Murphy's Law at work, rolling low for Abilities or HP. Instead, perhaps it might be better to just give out the average instead? --Ghostwheel 08:56, 23 July 2009 (MDT)

That is all. -- Jota 11:19, 23 July 2009 (MDT)
Keep the random chance for in-combat IMO *shrug* Going into combat with low health (or low mana for this class) could be the equivalent of a death sentence before the combat's even started. --Ghostwheel 11:38, 23 July 2009 (MDT)
I just want to clarify that I was agreeing with you. -- Jota 11:51, 23 July 2009 (MDT)
Ah, my misunderstanding, thanks for clarifying :-) --Ghostwheel 11:54, 23 July 2009 (MDT)

Other Abilities[edit]

Lifelink, White, (When you deal damage, you gain that many Hit Points) Sandskin, White, (Become sand unable to damage or be damaged) Oaken Form, Green, (Gain bonus to AC and Strength)

my opinion[edit]

I like this class including the how you have made the gain mana points. however i believ that you should lower the skill points to 4+int modifier, because though planeswalkers are powerful, when it comes to learning a skill they are no different than anyone else.

I agree, the skills are a bit much. Also, the Plane Shift ability should be no greater than a swift action that costs mana. Only Nicol Bolas had the ability to planeswalk that quickly, other known 'walkers had to have at least some concentration. May change this if it's ok.
                            -Raging Paladin


I like the few tricks we have access to to start however I'd like more versitile spells such as animate objects for blue to immitate the abilities of karn's touch [1], march of machines [2], or Tezzeret's[3]power over artifacts.

My opinion[edit]

You might want to throw in a spell list. Also, remember Urza. He was the greatest planeswalker of all time. Think back to the Invasion block for other planeswalkers and maybe add in spells/tricks whatever you want to call them at level one. Otherwise, the level on royalty points are useless. Give more info on the spells and royalty point system as well. Maybe change the name of royalty points (it's loyalty points in M:tG the card game) to just mana. I do love this class but it seems a bit overpowered right now.

<!-- !!!REMOVE THIS FIRST LINE OF THIS PAGE BEFORE YOU SAVE!!! (i.e. the "nowiki" tag) --> == Rating == I give this class a 4 out of 5 because this class are too specific. I suggest that you change this class from ''base class'' to ''priestige class'' ---- == Another Opinion == I would suggest that you turn this into a race template drop the feats, BAB, and saves after that its a perfect race template. Besides as a planeswalker its not what you are its more of who you are then again that's just my opinion.(and i have no idea how to work this as this is not from the same person that gave the rating)

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