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About Me[edit]

Average DM who'll try and contribute as best as i can. Big WoW and Anime Fan.I Play Horde as an orc hunt, Blood Elf Warlock, or Tauren Shammy. When i Play as a PC in our arena I roll a Sarli Necromancer/Mortician.

My Creations[edit]

My Gods[edit]

My Races[edit]

My Classes[edit]

Keyblade Wielder Allies[edit]

My Spells[edit]

My Feats[edit]

My Beast from beyond the realm of human comprehension[edit]


Things that I've wound up taking over[edit]

Transcribed Shenanigans[edit]


Current Projects[edit]

spells in the works[edit]

Shape Arcane Blasting Clay: Throwing Knife

Quick Reference List[edit]

Summon Monster[edit]

Level VIII[edit]

Level IX[edit]

Ideas in the Works[edit]

Concept stage or simply ideas

A tome of Creatures of the night and their hunters.

Blasting Clay things 2 do; Thorny Devil

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