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My Contributions


Prestige Classes


Gears of War Adaptations
Legend of Zelda Subset


User:ThunderGod_Cid/Jota & Cid

  • Collaborative projects between TG Cid and I.


As I move further along the learning curve for 3.5e I have gradually come to realization the 3.5e is a game with significant degrees of inequality. Monks are generally, as a straight class, weaker than many others. Full spellcasting classes are generally stronger than those classes wholly without or with limited spellcasting. Other classes generally fall somewhere within this spectrum. Because there are no baselines provided by the current rating system, I cannot in good faith rate any more classes.

Floating Around in my Head Somewhere

Holy Knight

  • Based on the eponymous Final Fantasy Tactics job
  • Reflexman



"'God' is an image created out of man's insecurities." - Wiegraf

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