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A set of Zora armor.

Zora Armor: Zora armor is a fabled creation of the Zora, given to worthy air-breathers as an indication of the Zora's hard-earned respect. A character wearing this +1 mithral chain shirt gains a swim speed equal to his base land speed, and whenever he dives underwater he receives the benefits of a water breathing spell. This comes at a cost however, and a character wearing Zora armor takes one extra damage per die from cold- or fire-based damage sources.

Moderate Transmutation ; DC 18;CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, water breathing, creator must be a Zora (or creator must have a natural swim speed); Cost 12,225 + 489 XP; Activation: Use Activated (Swim); Market Price: 21,350 GP

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