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"Gain 1 of the following abilities" <---- What, wut?

Most of these qualities seem pulled from the standard vampire charts, and without much justification or clarification. Assuming a vampire bears or creates children, this would not be an appropriate template to use. With all the abilities and advancements suggested here, this is easily a level adjustment of 10 or higher. Also, at least one 'ability' is copied and pasted from something that is not standard or even popular homebrew 3.5e rules ""Dark Metamorphosis (Sp): This spell does not count as one of the limited spell a Dhampir can know. It counts as a Level 1, so it only costs 1 MP."" I have never heard, seen, smelled, or thought about MP being used in a 3.5e game. This is Dungeons and Dragons, not World of Warcraft. I suggest this page be deleted since not only is it unbalanced, there is a fairly well balance alternative template Vampire Variant Rules (DnD Variant Rule)/Half-Vampire Traits. This could well be a creation someone threw together to act as justification for a character they were making to be a game breaker.d I see no reason to keep this page. --Keudo 18:00, 3 September 2011 (MDT)

Agreed, It makes no sense. Assuming the Dire-were-bat Requires the standard template factoring in whatever hell-spawn-gargoyle-bat it uses, this race comes in at around a +26 or so easy. This is not a half-vampire its a Half-Deity

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