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Mankind was once the only thinking race that inhabited this world, but that was a long time ago. Now there are several thinking races that make their homes in the World of Herregor. Some were once men themselves, such as the Dwarves and Halflings. Others came from other realms such as the Tieflings and Dragonborn. Still others are not so much another race, as a perversion made from pacts with the Faerie Lords, such as the Elfsworn, or their bastard spawn.

I am using the Pathfinder rules set with my own story explanation and tweaks. The power level of the Pathfinder core races is on par with an ECL +1. No ECLs are applied, however, because it is the base starting point for PCs.

  • 3.5 Dragonborn: Refugees from their home world. A single warrior company of this draconic race was making an assault upon the much weakened Bael Turath when the shattering of the barrier drew a portion of the Tiefling city through along with some of the surrounding lands. They are rare. Most serve as mercenaries to various human and dwarves races. Recently some have begun to flock to the “Dragon’s Lands” to serve the ancient beast that dwells there and forge a land for themselves.
  • 3.5 Turathian: Known as Turathians. A large portion of their ancient city was drawn through the barrier toward the end of their terrible war with the Dragonborn. In the centuries that have come they have been steadily rebuilding. The only thing preventing them from being a major threat is the lack of an emperor. The noble houses now control the city in the form of a council, not always agreeing. The emperor’s seat remains vacant. Three of the houses are building momentum to make a bid for the seat, if that happens they could soon be making war again. They are becoming more common in other lands as members of the race prowl the world looking for opportunity and plunder.
  • 3.5 Elfsworn: Known as “Elfsworn” or "Goblinsworn", all were once men who made a pact with a Faerie Lord or some other entity from the Feywild for power and immortality. They traded their souls for cobwebs and faerie glamour. To most of the world they are the stuff of legend or bogeymen. To those who are aware of their origins they are looked upon with suspicion. They have no home land and do not gather in communities, instead choosing to skulk about the lands of men. Some of them date back to the original Elfwars, and these individuals are truly terrifying, capable of wielding faerie glamours with an ability that would rival the Lords of the Feywild.
  • 3.5 Elftouched: Often called Goblinblooded or Feytouched, these folk are the product of Elfsworn and a human female. The Elfsworn are incapable of having offspring among themselves. Very rarely they have been able to breed with human women. No child will take root within an Elfsworn female’s unchanging body. It’s rumored that the Wildtouched only have half a soul, the other half being just a memory.
  • 3.5 Dwarves: The proud dwarves were once men according to legend. Warped by the raw arcane energy that crawled across the world when the barrier was shattered, they were made one with the earth and stone of their mountainous homes. They have since firmly entrenched themselves as a separate and rich society, and the only true rival to the supremacy of mankind.
  • 3.5 Halfling: This diminutive race is also a product of the changing energies of the Shattering. They too have formed their own culture, but find it much easier to mingle among both of the other races of “near men”. Even today they often act as emissaries, go-betweens, and traders between the human and dwarven nations. They have developed a nomadic culture that flows along the merchant routes and trade roads of the world.
  • 3.5 Humans: Before the shattering of the Barrier all those centuries ago, the world belonged to mankind. They had a great, globe spanning society and performed feats of marvel without the benefit of magic, purely through their own ingenuity. Today they are still a proud and ambitious race. Most have forgotten the Elfwar and look only to the future they have set before themselves.
  • 3.5 Sardonian: Often referred to as Sardonites or Sardonians thanks to the most famous of Orcish lands, Sardonaar. The orcs are also rumored to have once been men as were the dwarves and halflings. They are now a proud and brutal race. They value both strength of mind and body, though they often have a reputation for being rather dull. In reality they value the elegance of simplicity and embrace a lifestyle that holds deeds performed above wealth gained.

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