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The typical races are found here in this campaign setting. But if you feel that a certain race can be played give your DM a good reason on why you want to play this race. I'll list some of the differences in this supplement about Racial connections.

Since the Humans/ Goblins/ and Gnomes decimated the world. All the races have given up on racial differences within their races. All the elves (including dark) live together and have interbred. There are no Duergar Dwarves, just Deep Dwarves. For character building sake use most of the Duergar stats except the light sensitivity.


A Dwarven smith at work.

Even though there is minimal contact between the races, they all hold many similar beliefs. Each clan has a fairly specific coloration. Anytime there is a birth that doesn't have the typical coloration, that newborn is considered favored by whichever deity has that specific coloration. For example, if there is a Virani Dwarf born with auburn hair and golden eyes, he is considered favored of Jord. That dwarf's life is forever in service to Jord.


Wild Elf by gpetersz.jpg
Despite their physical differences, the three races of elves in Motalashy have begun rebuilding their own civilization. In any elven settlement you will see all types of elves living and working together. The jungalban elves and dusk elves train side by side. At the age of sixteen, young elves are sent to study ranger and rogue skills for four years. After these four years have been completed, they have a placement exam to see if they will go the rogue or ranger path. Jungalban elves tend to go towards ranger, while dusk elves tend to go towards rogue. But over the past three hundred years their has been an increase in both types going for both classes. After their path is decided, they apprentice for twenty years. Favored mounts for wood elves are sabre-toothed six legged jaguars and salameleons for dusk elves.
The daryaii elves are your wizards, clerics and many are swashbucklers. They are a more chaotic race then their land based cousins. They prefer to be out at sea or training. Serious yet absent-minded, they are still incredibly knowledgeable. Their favored mount is the dolphin.


Unlike most of the realms, the giants are a race of incredibly intelligent beings. They feel that no other creatures of this realm are worth it and for the longest time, lived a life of solitude. During The Dark Days, the Giants of all races were used by "The Alchemist" as his Generals and supreme tacticians. All stats are the same as in normal 3.5 ed. They are atheistic as well for they view themselves above all other races like the Titans did.


Though truly not evil at first, "The Alchemist" bent their ambitions to darker studies and conquest. The tinker gnomes were once a proud and solid race, but now they are so ambitious that they backstab, sometimes literally. Where once was joy in creation, now there is only the menace of destruction. Their natural magical and engineering skills have led to experimentations on sentient races including themselves. Leading to prolonged and torturous life. It is said that "The Alchemist" is nigh on 1500 years old because of these gnomes. The Tinker Gnome prefered mount is a mechanical bird powered by steam or magic.
However; the svirfneblin's love of community and the earth has spared them this fate. After The Dark Days, the svirfneblin took up in the catacombs underneath Virani. Living alongside the deep dwarves their settlements have intertwined and the svirfneblin and deep dwarves mine the same areas often working in joint forges. The Svirfneblin Gnome's prefered mount is the Deep Hound like the Deep Dwarves. They usually ride in pairs and have developed a specialized saddle to accommodate multiple riders and to haul ore.


  • Tribe of Iron
  • Tribe of Copper
  • Tribe of Steal
  • Tribe of Skulls

Halflings/ Otterlings[edit]

Tribe of Raptor
Permanent Settlement: Darsana
Favored Mount: Velociraptor
Focus and Favored Job: Knowledge (i.e. Library, schools, scribe work.) or Tribal security force
Tribe of Three Horn
Permanent Settlement: Kes'trkrrm
Favored Mount: Triceratops
Focus and Favored Job: Agriculture normally using their mounts like oxen, and in the Fall like Scythes. Merchants and farmers.
Tribe of Ridge Back
Permanent Settlement: Tanmai
Favored Mount: Stegosaurus
Focus and Favored Job: Forestry, normally using their mounts for brush clearing to prevent forest fires. Rangers or Monks.
Tribe of Rock Head
Permanent Settlement: Adesh
Favored Mount: Pachycephalosaurus
Focus and Favored Job: Mining and Order, The use the various species of Pachys to break up rocks, pull carts. And for general mounts for their Tribal Police.
Typically Otterlings don't have traditional mounts. They use their animal companions for their Livilihood
Tribe of the Archelon (Large Sea Turtles used for the moving of their floating cities and the transport of warriors)
Tribe of the Megalodon (Megalodon shark used for fishing and warfare)


  • Are pretty standard throughout the Realm. Though if they live in the major cities of Damesorkh they are predominantly evil to neutral.
  • Nomadic Tribes of Humans are very few and varied. but all the nomadic Tribes are peaceful.


Barbarian Half orc by Nordheimer.jpg
  • Tribe of the Elk
  • Tribe of the Wyrm
  • Tribe of the Horse
  • Tribe of the Wolf
  • Tribe of the Bear
The Orcs are a Neutral race. Their allignments can run from Chaotic to Lawful but the Orcs throughout all the history of this world have remained Neutral. They live along the Red Bellows and Kulakuh mountain ranges. Their prefered and only class is Barbarian. They are a sturdy and isolationist people, but do not consider them weak. The orcs are known for their courage and battle prowess. They feel that the world can handle it's own problems preferring to live off the land and follow the herds of deer and in the winter seasons hibernating bear. During The Dark Days few Orcs headed the call to battle. The prefered mounts for all Orcs are large horses, Red Elk, or dire wolves depending on the tribes allignment and location. Most of the Chaotic to Neutral evil tend to ride the dire wolves, while the Neutral to Neutral Good ride horses or Red Elk. They have little love for goblins and giants and will go out of their way to decimate invading parties.

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