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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Minor Action
  • Standard Action
  • Free Action
  • Immediate Reaction
  • Immediate Interrupt
  • Move Action
  • No Action

Pages using the property "4e Power Action Type"

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Aaenshi (4e Race) +Standard Action  +, Free Action  +
Abyss Magician (4e Paragon Path) +Standard Action  +, Minor Action  +
Acclimation (4e Power) +Minor Action  +
Acid Rain (4e Power) +Standard Action  +
Adrenalin Surge (4e Future Technique) +Minor Action  +
Adrenaline Surge (4e Power) +Immediate Interrupt  +
Aerial Slam (4e Power) +Standard Action  +
Aeroforged (4e Race) +Immediate Interrupt  +, Standard Action  +
Agile Close-Combatant (4e Power) +Immediate Reaction  +
Agile Swing (4e Power) +Standard Action  +
Air Shield (4e Power) +Standard Action  +
Air Step (4e Power) +Move Action  +
Alien Visage (4e Feat) +Standard Action  +
Alternate Form (4e Power) +Minor Action  +
Ancient Hydra Emulation (4e Power) +Standard Action  +
Ancient One (4e Race) +Immediate Reaction  +
Android (4e Future Origin) +Standard Action  +, Minor Action  +
Angel (4e Race) +Minor Action  +
Anger the sleeping earth (4e Power) +Standard Action  +
Animate Undead (4e Power) +Standard Action  +
Antimagic Field (4e Power) +Standard Action  +
Apocalyptic Missile (4e Power) +Standard Action  +
Aquarion (4e Race) +Minor Action  +
Arachne's Weave (4e Feat) +Standard Action  +
Arachnomancer (4e Class) +Minor Action  +, Immediate Reaction  +
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