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<onlyinclude>==Origin Name== {| class="4e" style="float:right" border=0 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=2 !Link to an image |- |[Link/to/image/page Title and Attribution] |} <!--Introductory description--> '''Appearance''': <!--Physical descrption - don't make too specific as it will be combined with another origin--> {{4e Future Origin |description=<!--Optionally provide a short description for the index; does not appear on this page--> |name=<!--Origin Name--> |ability=<!--One of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma--> |source=<!--One of Fusion, Bio or Psi; or remove this line--> |skill=<!--One of Acrobatics, Athletics, Conspiracy, Insight, Interaction, Mechanics, Nature, Perception, Science or Stealth--> |trait1=<!--First trait is usually some kind of defense - +2 to Fortitude, Reflex, Will, or a damage resistance--> |description1= |trait2= |description2= |critical=When you score a critical hit, <!--benefit-->.}} {{4e Future Power |name= |flavor= |origin=<!--Origin Name--> |usage=At-Will |type=Novice |keyword1= |keyword2= |actiontype=Standard Action |range=<!--Melee, Ranged, Close or Area--> |rangemod=<!--weapon or range--> |target= |attack= |defense= |hit= }} {{4e Future Power |name= |flavor= |origin= |usage=Encounter |type=Utility |keyword1= |actiontype= |range= |rangemod= |target= |effect= }} {{4e Future Power |name= |flavor= |origin= |usage=Encounter |type=Expert |keyword1= |keyword2= |actiontype= |range= |rangemod= |target= |attack= |defense= |hit= |effect= }} {{4e Future Origins Breadcrumb}}</onlyinclude>

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