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Alternate Reincarnation Table (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Variant Reincarnation Table[edit]

The following is a variant table for the reincarnate spell. This table includes all SRD races to LA+2.

d100 Race
01-02 Bugbear
03-04 Dromite
05 Drow
06-10 Dwarf, Deep
11-15 Dwarf, Hill
16-19 Dwarf, Mountain
20-21 Duergar
22-23 Elan
24-26 Elf, Gray
27-31 Elf, High
32-34 Elf, Wild
35-38 Elf, Wood
39-40 Gnoll
41-43 Gnome, Forest
44-49 Gnome, Rock
50-52 Goblin
53-54 Goblin, Blue
55 Grimlock
56-60 Half-Elf
61-65 Half-Orc
66-68 Halfling, Deep
69-73 Halfling, Lightfoot
74-76 Halfling, Tallfellows
77-78 Hobgoblin
79-83 Human
84-86 Kobold
87-88 Lizardfolk
89-90 Maenad
91 Minotaur
92 Ogre
93-94 Satyr
95-96 Troglodyte
97-99 Xeph
00 Other

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