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Artifact Type Subtype
(Racial) Dagger of High-Elven Lords Weapon Dagger
(Racial) Dawnbringer of the Aasimar Weapon Longsword
(Racial) Dragonborn Hammer Weapon Warhammer
(Racial) Greataxe of Half-Orcs Weapon Greataxe
(Racial) Infernal Blade of the Tiefling Weapon Longsword
(Racial) Longbow of Wood-Elf Lords Weapon Longbow
(Racial) Longsword of Humanity Weapon Longsword
Ainkurn Sword Weapon Greatsword
Armor of Nessus Armor plate
Armor of Thrynn Armor Full Plate
Armor of the Gods Armor plate
Ashak-Tal, the Crown of Undeath Wondrous item
Blade of Io Weapon Longsword
Cadmus Weapon Dagger
Champion's Lance Weapon lance
Cloak of Kewil Wondrous Item
Cloak of the Witch Queen Wondrous Item
Crown of Zorin Wondrous Item
Draconomicon Wondrous Item Book
Dragon Boots Wondrous Item Boots
Dragon Claws Wondrous Item Gauntlet
Dragon Fang Weapon Longsword
Dragon Helm Wondrous Item Helmet
Dragon Kusarigama Weapon kusarigama
Dragon Mantle Wondrous Item Cloak
Dragon Scales Armor Scale Mail
Eternal Mind Blade Weapon Sword
Excalibur Weapon longsword
Faust Wondrous Item Glove
Gae Bolg Weapon spear
Gajong's Gauntlet
Goldenor, Vanquisher of Kings Weapon Greatsword
Gorehowl Weapon battleaxe or greataxe
Great Master's Glaive Weapon glaive
Green Serpent Weapon Glaive
Hammer of the Lightbringer Weapon Warhammer or Maul
Hana no Tsurugi Weapon Greatsword
Hummingbird Weapon rapier
Key of the King's Law, Bab-ilu Wondrous Item key
Living Lightning Armor Plate
Mirror of Doom Wondrous Item
Mithral Bear Wonderous Item
Necklace of zeus blood Wondrous Item Necklace
Orb of Limits Wondrous Item
Patchwork Dagger Weapon dagger
Ring of Solomon Wondrous Item
Ring of Stars Ring
Robes of the Fallen Wondrous Item
Shadowcarver Artifact Greatsword
Shadowrend Weapon longsword
Sword Of The Stranger Weapon Longsword
Templar Cross Weapon any sword
Test Artifact Weapon Maul
The Boom Book Weapon Spell Book
The Giants Fury Wondrous Item Gauntlets
The Givers Mask Wondrous Item
The Godhunt Glaive Weapon Glaive
The Oculus Weapon Captain's sword
The Pipes of Fionnghall Musical Instrument Bagpipes
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker Weapon Longsword
Tome of the Roaring Ocean Wondrous Item
Tome of the Searing Flame Wondrous Item
Tome of the Tearing Gale Wondrous Item
Tome of the Unending Expanse Wondrous Item
Tome of the Unrelenting Earth Wondrous Item
Tome of the Vanguards Guild Wondrous Item
Tomebringer Weapon Maul or Great Maul
Totuus Wondrous Item
Umber Spear Weapon spear
Valiant Flame Wondrous Item light weapons
Vestments of the Vanguard Guildmaster Armor Clothes
Waraxe of the Dwarvish Lords
Wayfinder Wondrous Item Compass
Whisper Blade Weapon dagger
Ümkar Weapon Warhammer
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