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The WFR is a Creative Writing, Role-players and Fiction-lovers Guild that was begun in 2003 on, and now finds itself branching onto such wonderful sites as D&D Wiki, and locally in the form of WFR Guild Chapters (including Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the Mid-Michigan areas of the USA. Online, the Guild forms an international union of talented members in all genres of fiction gaming and creative writing, and works in connection with RPGA[1] standards and methods.


The WFR Guild is worldwide, open to new members, and maintains an updated list of all current and previous members and their applicant characters and game/story-related submissions. The WFR Guild Members List is available for viewing based from, xido's original and permanent home.

The full members list:

WFR Web Pages[edit]

Main portal pages:

Full list of pages:

Goals and Methods[edit]

The Guild focuses on RPG material and networking, creative writing of all forms and methods, gaming and hobbies. Its members wish to continue applying its methods over the next five years, while we continue to renovate, connect, and work with other amazing people from all over the world who wish to be involved in role-playing,gaming, fiction, and creative writing of all forms.

Projects and Guild concepts[edit]


How to join[edit]

The WFR Application Page:

xido is continuously seeking out new members, new projects and people who wish to network through or with the Guild. In his Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, home location, he is seeking new members to work locally to further the goals and work of the Guild's four-year long history.

Campaign Settings that allow all forms of D&D rules[edit]

Integration of deleted Wikipedia content:[edit]

The Wiki Fiction Roleplayers' Guild (or WFR) is a Role-playing, interactive online gaming and creative writing Guild formed by independent members to satisfy a need in the Elftown wiki-pages for professional and upstanding RPGs and creative writing activities.

History of the Guild[edit]

The WFR was created in 2003 on Elftown [3] by its original leader, an Elftown user named Maedilynn. It was inherited in that very same year by xido, and was immediately put to the task of being renovated for a professional look and networking capabilities between members of Elftown. The Guild was founded on free-form, non-methodological role-playing in an advanced wiki format, but with due time has seen updates that include the involvement and orientation of RPG gaming systems like the d20 system by Wizards of the Coast [4], and creative free-form language-based challenges and activities. The Guild continues to be led by its Headmaster, xido [5] [6], along with its many talented and creative members [7].

Between 2003 and 2005, a huge boom in membership required that the Guild Moderators re-examine how they would like the Guild to be run, and continuing goals and methods. Since 2005, the Guild has been under continuous renovations to satisfy this need.

In 2005-06, all Moderators were named and included on official Guild pages, and the WFR Guild Knights were created in order to uphold the sanctity and reputation of the Guild despite any potential setbacks. WFR Guild Knights include Kim Lundin, Blood Raven, and others.

Beginning in October of 2007, the Guild made the difficult decision to allow non-Elftown members to its ranks. Basing its composition upon the flexible RPG material by D&D under the OGL Content, it now hosts games, storylines, and media of all forms and genres, and welcomes new members from all walks of life who are interested in being a part of a truly talented and creative online network.

WFR Guild Chapters now exist in the following additional locations, along with the original Elftown Chapter:

Goals and Methods[edit]

In 2006, the-roleplay-initiative [12] was created to help define the continuing and future goals of the first and official RPG and Creative Writing Guild of With these goals in mind, the Guild hopes to continue evolving to meet its members' needs and wants, and also to help promote creative writing in all forms, as well as a better understanding of how role-playing is fun, useful, effective, and educational to a certain degree. Focusing on developing its members' skills and creative talents, the Guild no longer focuses on simply RPGs, but has expanded into creative talent of all forms which would benefit a role-playing game, setting, environment, network, or aspiring writers. The Guild now accepts members from all over the internet, and all incoming members are advised to comment on the openly-viewable WFR Application page [13] and WFR Library [14] to apply or inquire about the Guild's methods.

Settings and Campaigns[edit]

The primary open setting of the WFR is Jashnia [15] [16], a cooperatively created fiction world which hosts mainly fantasy and near-fantasy storylines and settings, but which also occupies space in the Material Realm which hosts Sci-Fi, Horror, and Alternative Writing Style campaign settings, such as the technological elven world of Dysphasia [17] and others.

Jashnia was a concept created by Maedilynn before her departure from Elftown. When xido arrived on the scene, he began to network and include other locations and lands, such as the Eastonia continent created cooperatively by he and N. Hudson [18], Zendelon by M. Batson [19], and TearRem [20] (which subsequently sank into the ocean when its creator left Elftown semi-permanently. Other continents, such as Lune [21], Horamont (the giant lands) [22], Tearra Réhm [23], the floating isle of Vxa [24] (pronounced "vzha" or "v'zhah", as one syllable), and many other world-specific locations. These lands accumulated until Jashnia had both a full historical timeline, as well as a detailed culture and setting elements rivaling even that of the famed Eberron and Greyhawk Campaign Settings.

Although there are also surrounding worlds, planes, realms, and distant cultures in the Jashnian Cosmology, Jashnia is chosen as the home of the WFR Guild for the following reasons:

  • Jashnia is a cooperatively created, cooperatively run Guild Campaign Setting, as recognized on the WFR Games page [25].
  • Jashnia is the focus of a planar event known as the Epicene [26], which is the moment of a definitive change in campaign culture on this world, and in its neighboring worlds and realms.
  • Jashnia was not created by xido, but was developed after being proposed by Maedilynn at the Guild's initial creation in 2003.
  • Jashnia is wicked cool fun.
  • Jashnia hosts the campaign setting of the official plot hooks and story elements:

How do I join? What can I do?[edit]

To join as a primary player member, please read and comment on the WFR Application Page (see References below). To join as a Game Moderator, Dungeon Master, Storyteller, Artist, Designer, or Organizer, please read the information on the WFR Application Page, and comment with your proposed activities on the WFR Library page (also, see References below). RPGA Members, members of current locations of Local and Online Chapters, and experienced/talented people are given priority over first-time members. Age is not an issue, but as the WFR Guild deals with mature content sometimes, ages 16-18 are asked to join with caution and an open mindset, 19+ are welcome, and those below 15 years of age are asked to invite their parents to see the open web pages before considering applying as a new member. We are not discriminating, just letting you know that you cannot act like a jerk in our Guild. We do not tolerate immaturity of any kind. We have fun, but do not enjoy the company of those who can't handle reading the words, "death", "torture", "passion", "sex", "gender", "hermaphrodite", or any concept that the juvenile mind may find amusing to poke at.

Guild Members are networked with other creative and talented people through an international, multi-website Guild, and are given the chance to prove themselves to their peers and the world in a free-form, open-minded role-playing and creative writing environment. Along with hosting character pages online (for personal or openly-viewable purposes), creating campaign settings, indulging in the imagination, and developing new methods of interacting in an online creative community, the WFR includes some of the coolest people from all over the world. We welcome anyone from any background in gaming or creativity, and hope that together we will find new ways to have fun and meet other cool people like you and I. By role-playing, we develop what it is to be a person, what it is to write creatively and with proper grammar, and how to challenge the mind with new obstacles in an environment that doesn't lend itself to the dangers of the "real world" and its inherent challenges. Through developing and maintaining evolutionary cultures and campaign elements, we find the core of what life is really all about, through working with others and doing productive and useful deeds. The WFR Guild is all about its people, the members who have proven to themselves and others, and remains a member-driven organization of international proportions.

A major benefit of joining the Guild is the Critique. This is an inherent feature of being a member that begins at Application, and continues until a member finds their niche in the gaming and creative writing community. When a new player fills out their WFR Application (in the form of a character description), they receive a focused review of their word usage, writing style, and potential for corrections or updates. New members receive this "Critique" by any viewing members who see their application posting, so that they can understand how others see their content and information on the web, and over great distances. This is important because it allows a new member to think about their writing and creations from a different perspective, as well as getting input from others on their thoughts about the work. This is an invaluable trait to have in the working world, and the Guild understands that sometimes, in order to get better at what we do for a living requires getting better at what we do for fun. The Critique never truly ends, unless a member finds themselves amidst peers who consider them equal in skill or diversity, or they ask the other Guild Members politely to no longer critique them or their work. Guild Members remain open-minded to this ideal, and respect the wishes of others. A professional and mature mentality is maintained at all times, even when we laugh and make jokes.


The WFR's current language remains English, and its current Headmaster only speaks English. Translators are welcome, and should be able to work with a fluent English speaker and writer. Elftown also hosts international communities of speakers and writers of other languages, and the WFR always enjoys seeing new talent develop in writing of any form.

Because of recent renovations (11-5-2007), newly applying members are asked to remain patient while the Guild undergoes continuing reformation to accept and moderate new incoming members.


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