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You follow a monastic tradition that essentially worships dragons as beings beyond our comprehension, and you have much to learn from them. By honing your skills in the Way of the Dragon, you grow one step closer to truly understanding these hyper-sentient beasts. You learn to harness their power over certain elements, speak their language, see through their eyes, and even assume their form for a time.

The Way of the Dragon is a rigorous one.

Draconic Arts

When you follow the Way of the Dragon at level 3, you assume minor draconic features, such as reptilian eyes and scales while gaining 6 extra hit points and you hit dice goes up to d10, at 11th lvl you gain 22 hit points and your hit dice goes up to d12. These become more prominent as you follow deeper into the path. You choose a type of dragon to attune your skills too. You may choose one of any of the Chromatic (typically evil) or Metallic (typically good) draconic types (see table). By choosing a dragon you gain resistance to the damage type associated with the color, you can also use 2 ki points on your reaction to gain immunity to the damage type associated with the color. When you hit with a martial arts attack you may spend 1 ki point to add additional damage to any martial arts attack. Use your martial arts die to determine the extra damage dealt. You also gain the knowledge on how to read, write and speak Draconic, if you have Draconic than you can chose one Language. You also are gifted Darkvision up to a range of 60ft, if you have Darkvision than your range is increased by 60ft.

Bonus Cantrip

At level 3, you gain a bonus cantrip, dependent on your draconic type. (see table)

Draconic Types

Color/Metal Damage Type & Cantrip
Black/Copper Acid, acid splash
Blue/Bronze Lightning, shocking grasp
Gold/Red Fire, firebolt
Brass/Green Poison, Poison spray
Silver/White Cold, ray of frost

Draconic Breath

At level 6, you gain a breath weapon, which varies based on your chosen draconic type along with damage, You may use it for 4 ki points. At level 11, this increases by one damage dice and again at level 16. Targets make a saving throw against your breath weapon, and take full damage on a failed save, and half damage on a successful one. This saving throw is made against your ki save DC. If you have a natural breath weapon, (such as in dragonborns) your breath damage change to the the table below and may use 4 ki to restore your breath weapon however if you chose a color different than your own you gain an additional breath weapon option of the color chosen this does not give you an extra breath attack and you may use a dual breath, this uses 6 ki and requires the use of your natural breath weapon and does half the damage dice (rounded down) of the two breath weapons, at level 17 you can use 10 ki to use the full damage dice of the two breath weapons.

Color Range and Save Damage Type and Damage
Black/Copper 5'x30' line (Dex) Acid 3d8
Blue/Bronze 5'x30' line (Dex) Lightning 2d10
Brass 5'x30' line (Dex) Fire 4d6
Gold/Red 15' cone (Dex) Fire 4d6
Green 15' cone (Con) Poison 4d6
Silver/White 15' cone (Con) Cold 3d8


At level 11, you gain proficiency in Perception. Your proficiency bonus in Perception is doubled. You also have blindsight within a range of 50 feet. If you were already proficient in Perception, you may choose proficiency in another skill or tool.

Dragon Form

At level 17, you have trained to the point where you may now assume the form of a dragon for one hour. You may do this as an action once before taking a long rest. The following happens when you assume dragon form:

  • You gain immunity to your type.
  • Your mental scores remain the same.
  • Your size is large.
  • Your Armor class is 19.
  • Your Physical Ability Scores are changed:
    • Strength:24(+7)
    • Dexterity:12(+1)
    • Constitution:24(+7)
  • Your HP is your usual form's HP, and is restored to its maximum upon transformation. When you revert to your normal form, you are restored to the amount of HP before you transformed, and if you reverted as a result of falling below 0HP in dragon form, excess damage is carried over upon reversion.
  • Your walking and swimming speeds are 40 feet. Your flying speed is 80 feet.
  • You can breathe water and air.
  • For all intents and purposes, you are considered a dragon.
  • You gain the following natural weapons with which you are proficient:
    • A bite attack, dealing 2d8 piercing
    • Two claw attacks, dealing 2d6 slashing each
    • A tail attack, dealing 2d6 bludgeoning.
  • Any other trait you possess in normal form is preserved in Dragon form, as long as it physically makes sense.

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