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This is the world of Valorbound. A world of that is under siege from a dark orc god known as Torhal who seeks to conquer all and destroy the 5 gods and all they love but a group of heroes will defeat the orc god and restore peace to the lands.


These are the gods and factions of Valorbound


Anduron the ashen god of Order, truth, spirits, Justice, courage and humility.

Siora the elvish goddess of magic, nature, animals, beauty, love and hope.

Erebor the Dwarf god of Earth, air, water and fire.

Nokina The Kitsune goddess of art, literature, loyalty and labor

Lokai god of the halflings and gnomes


The Drayon Order

This is the Nephalememblem i don't own it

The Nephalem are a race of half breeds of angels of the Aether and demons of the nether They are a order of monster hunter who live in a monastery in the middle of Hylra they have their own blades, magic, ranged weapons and very special metal for armor and weaponry. Alignment Neutral good

Knights of the Firestone

This is the Knights of the Firestone emblem i don't own this

The knights of the Firestone are known as the second legion of the Divine order who are protectors of humanity who were fighting against orcs the Knights are made up of common-folk they may Inexperienced but they will defend their friends and families with lives. Alignment lawful Neutral

The Silverhand order

This is the silverhand order emblem I Don't own this

The Silverhand order is the protectors of Albion one of kingdoms of mankind they serve a king who wields the legendary sword Anduril. It is made up of knights, fighters, Guardians, warlocks, necromancers, druids and clerics. They fight against the orcs, goblins, bandits, dark ring lackeys and trolls. Alignment lawful good

The Knights of the black rose

This is the Black rose knights emblem i don't own this pic

The Knights of the black rose are the first and oldest legion of the divine order who are made up of Noble families, warrior guilds, and paladin orders. They are a legion who are fighting against the Way-Watchers however There is a root of corruption in the legion such as kidnapping, weapons smuggling, murder and extortion. Alignment lawful evil

The Way-Watchers

This is the Way-Watchers emblem I don't own it

The Way-Watchers are a alliance of Elves, dwarfs, gnomes, half-lings, kitsunes and ashen they seek to liberate non-humans from the human en-slavers. They are known for their light and medium armor style skills in archery. Alignment Chaotic good

Dark ring

This is the dark ring emblem I don't own it

The Dark ring are a dark organization made up of Humans, orcs, goblins, trolls and the undead. They serve their dark god Torhal to conquer and dominated all life. They have been fighting against the silverhand order, Way-watcher and Drayon order. Their colors are black and orange.


this is the world of valorbound note I don't own this picture


The world of Valorbound is Aeropan a continent on Hylra it's a medieval era fantasy setting


In the beginning there was a event known as the dragon crack that created the universe and The realms and the 6 Gods who are known as the guardians they created the 6 races known as the ashen, elves, dwarfs, gnomes, halflings and kitsunes to the lands of Hylra. However the 6th god Torhal seeks to gain more power corrupted by pride and greed he begins a rampage all across Hylra however there some who resisted a last alliance of ashen, gnomes and elves and together they defeated the dark lord's army only for him to retreat in the dark beyond. 350 years passed as the war in the void a border world between the realms of Aether and Nether were the void wars are fought between angels and demons however some angels and demons grow tired of war and fled to Hylra and breed to create the nephalem and give birth to new magic. 1075 years passed the humans who were created through evolution begins expanding across Hylra eventually going to war with all non-humans to subjugate them however they were defeated by the Nephalem Leading a total divided humanity who fights with itself. Now the dark god Torhal has returned to once bring darkness upon on the lands

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