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Lowell High School Forgotten Realms Campaign: Tug 08-09[edit]

Hello fellow Denizens of The Forgotten Realms! This is your Vice President and Dungeon Master, Tug. I hope that life is treating you well. I have created this page to help my players in understanding what will be expected of them during this campaign, and to fill them in on anything they don’t understand... or that they might have missed. *Glare*

At any rate, if you have any questions pertaining to weather I'll allow anything (such as a new Template, or a new chari), or if your planning on purchasing a rather exotic item (EG: anything that’s not in the PH or anything Custom or from any Homebrew) then it would be best to PM me or talk to me in person beforehand, so as to save the little time we have together each week for playing. Also, Please reserve any discussion of this campaign to the Discussion of this page, NOT my talk page.

A reminder that everyone must have paid all their club dues to participate in campaigns, so if you have not paid for March or any month before it, your gonna have to either pay up or sit out.


This was originally supposed to be a one-shot, so I didn’t put too much thought into the story originally, but here goes.

You are a band of the King’s knights that have been assigned to join the Guild of Dragon Slayers. This means that you have been charged with the task of eliminating evil chromatic dragons and therefore making the world a better place. You are all non-evils. No exceptions. Chaotic alignments are frowned upon, but allowed, as long as you don’t stray too far from the morals promoted by the King. (Lawful Good)

Shortly after being inducted you were given an assignment to clear out the nest of a group of chromatic dragons, who were slain for being suspected of conspiracy, and for the harassment of surrounding countryside resulting in loss of property and livestock as well as the death of several innocent humanoids. The party entered the cave, (finding a Helm of underwater breathing) killed the hatchling black dragons and broke the remaining eggs, and then moved on (finding a ring who's function has yet to become apparent) to attack a clutch of young red dragons, one was balefully polymorphed into a chicken the other was killed. The party made their way to the final nest, (finding a Psionic tattoo) (Don't ask) and found a Mature Adult Blue Dragon, whom they dispatched before it could really make a single attack on them. The party then left the cave to be looted by the Guild. Each member got a cut of 34,050 GP. The party has been given a few weeks rest before next assignment.

You and Sumner have been assigned to rescue a kidnapped Prismatic Dragon from the evil clutches of a group of white dragons. The Prismatic dragon is young and has not yet been aligned to good or evil. The forces of good need its alliance and power, so try not to do anything to harm it. Convince it that you are friends.

You are Teleported to a cold mountain region. You travel for a short wile, encountering pesky trolls and eventually come upon a cave entrance that leads to the city-mountain stronghold of the white dragon cult. You manage to dispatch a sentinel, but you are unsure of weather the battle was heard or not.

You continue on through the caves, and come across another white dragon sentinel, and engage in a blind fight with it, after it activated its fog ability. The party eventually dispatched the monster, and attempted to open the door, finding it locked.

The party gets past the locked door, finding a Scottish prisoner, and freeing him. They continued past the prison, entering the chamber of an Old white dragon, whom they notice clinging to the celing, avoiding a sneak attack. They dispatch it after a few rounds of fighting, and gut it afterwards, for some reason... They then continued through the stronghold untill they come across a half-dragon guarding a door. They eventually killed him. Trova was sodomised in the prossess. They opened the chamber he was guarding and found thier Prismatic dragon. They melted the stone that it's shakels were connected to to mud, revealing the deeply rooted ancores that kept it's Force shakles in place.

The dragon turned out to be a fake, but the party found the real dragon, and broke it out, convincing it to stay. They then got thier reward. As dungeonmaster, i made a horrible mistake today. I added up all the gold you earned, but i forgot to add it up, so instead of over 100,000 Gp, you should be getting much less. I'll try and fix this during the week.

I kinda fixed the money problem. you all got around 60,000 instead. still too much, but best we could do with the circumstances. This week the party was assigned to take out a gang of renegade Prismatics before they become too powerful. They were teleported to a desert, and entered a pyramid, where they dispatched a zombie, and are now facing 2 dragons.

The 2 dragons were dispatched, and the force chicken was saved, thankfully. The party continued on the the Pharaoh's crypt. They dealt with the Mummy and his servants, and took out the final dragon without any permanent injury. Directly after your victory, you decided to take a turn towards the evil side. You killed Sumner and you cleric, and introduced a blackguard into your party. You looted the pyramid and each made off with about 38,000 GP each and experiencing an alignment shift. You then returned to the castle and bluffed your way into being rewarded for your mission. Now you are buying magic items in town.

A sex toy salesmen with significant knowledge of current events and a thirst for a more evil government (AKA Plot Device) pointed you in the direction of an important evil artifact. You approached the hideout of the cult in possession of the item and easily dispatched the lot of them, spreading disease and destruction among their ranks, and doing other such evil deeds. Justin recovered the item and put it on. The item immediately began begging him to reunite it with it's "brother." They began traveling in the direction indicated by the item. Justin became irritated by the constant steam of jabbering coming from the Intelligent artifact, and attempted to dominate it. By some ill stroke of luck, he was overcome by the item. The item immediately demanded that someone in the party cast a plane shift spell, as it's brother was no longer on this plane of existence. The party noticed Justin's change in demeanor and decided that they should try to overthrow him as party leader. The artifact, sensing danger, used Justin's Ring of Three Wishes to try fight it's way to safety. In the confusing, free for all melee that followed, the glove, which came to symbolize leadership, changed hands half a dozen times until it was finally in the hands of Alex, who managed to assert his dominance over the item.

Alex gave the glove back to Kazer, who was again dominated by the glove. The glove demanded that Charlie use a Plane Shift spell to bring them all to a specific area of the Abyss. Charlie complied, and the party found themselves not far from a strange portal. They followed the possessed Kazer into the portal, where they encounter a myriad of demons, and begin to fight their way to the center. The first room was full of Dretches. They tired to interrogate the Dretches, but accidentally killed most of them. They did manage to get a few of them to tell them who their master was, but the demons' heads exploded at the mere mention of his name. They continued down the maze, killing things like Succubi and other monstrosities.

After turning the corner the party came face to face with a Glabrezu. They began to confidently beat on the fiend, until it promised them a wish. The party decided they wanted to wish for the glove's "brother" to be in their possession. The Glabrezu agreed on the premise that they would include his freedom from his master in the wish. The wish was spoken and granted. The party was taken to the material plane with the demon. Immediately after arrival the party smote the already wounded demon.

The party traveled to a nearby city. They met with a local holy man. They convinced him they were on a mission to destroy the rest of the outfit. He agreed to tell them the location of one of the pieces if they would bring it to him so that it may be blessed and used for good. They agreed, and immediately assassinated the man and all his alter boys after he told them, making them into zombies. The information they gleaned lead them to a larger city, where they immediately plunged into the dungeon, looking for a set of robes that belonged to a long dead Necromancer.

In order to reach the dungeon they first had to pass through the still-in-use high security prison outer dungeon. They gained access to the prison under the guise of "inspectors." One very good bluff check later they were in. Once in, they stealthily released a few prisoners and caused a sufficient commotion to ensure that their presence would be forgotten. They navigated their way to a large, sealed door. They managed to break in and began to explore the dark, forgotten depths. They encountered a barrage of undead on their way through the dungeon, including Zombies, Morgues, and Ghosts. Eventually they came to a laboratory that contained a large coffin. They opened the coffin, finding a Litch inside. They fought the Litch and his copy, destroying both of them a lot easier than one would expect.

Long story short: they found the rest of the pieces and killed the Tarrasque.

List of player classes already claimed[edit]

(I only allow one of each class most of the time)

  • Eric: God knows what race. He's like a rouge assassin or some shit.

Current ECL of Party[edit]

19 as of 4/26/09

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