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In the worlds of art, magic, and skill, there is a lack of refinement in many--thus came about the art of teaching. Tutors are people with a drive to practice this. They regularly see to eager pupils and educate them on the basis of their chosen craft. Many tutors focus on a subject they themselves excel at, be it magical, physical, or social science. Oftentimes, tutors are a service provided and bought only by those with means to afford them. Tutors will often charge high prices based on their own prestige, which is passed on to their student in turn; however, there are those kindred spirits who seek solely to teach rather than profit. These can be hermits who wander the land, penniless, or holy men who eschew the comforts of society to teach others of their hard-earned labors.

When making a tutor character, consider their passion as a tutor. Do they have a drive that pushes them to teach others and keep their art and knowledge alive? Or are they disillusioned academics who merely take interest in gains and see little potential in their students? What does your tutor teach? Martial classes like fighters would often teach their martial arts or combat theory, while a wizard might coach budding casters on the schools of magic. With this practice in mind, consider why your character travels. Are they perhaps seeking new students, or were they at odds with other teaching methods that ousted them? Some tutors seek their fortunes to gather enough pupils to create their own schools--an arduous undertaking to be sure--while others are fulfilled by merely passing on ages of wisdom.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight and your second skill is based on your Focus of Studies

Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher's supplies

Equipment: Calligrapher’s supplies, a set of commoner’s clothes, a backpack with journals, parchment, and scrolls, a small pouch of sand, and one item based on your Focus of Studies.

Focus of Studies[edit]

Scholars are localized masters of a specific area of academia. For example, a tutor who specializes in sciences and lives in a mountainous region would be an expert on local gems and minerals. However, when presented with a stone from a faraway place, he may be at a loss to identify it. Mathematics, while generally being universal, may have various localizations of measurements. These challenges through differences, however, only fuel a passionate tutor to push past his limits and learn all he can in his field to support those who come after him. You are no different. In your focus of studies, you do all you can to be the master and teacher of your academic department.

d6 Specialization Skill Equipment
1 Martial Combat. You teach students on the art of the body, including combat, dances, and other exercise. Performance A lantern, hooded
2 Magics. You specialize in lecturing on the fine details of the arcane, like spells, pacts, and the like. Arcana A magnifying glass
3 Mathematics. You teach students the magnificence of objective numbers. Perception An abacus
4 History. You tutor pupils of the past and its lessons, from wars to historical achievements. History A book of folktales
5 Science. You lecture on the natural world and its wonders, from geology, to biology. Nature A miner's pick
6 Language. You educate others about the myriad forms of speech in the world. Persuasion A book titled Images—When Words Aren’t Enough

Feature: Art of Teaching[edit]

Your time as a tutor has trained you how to efficiently teach and be taught. If you are learning a new language or other proficiency from a friendly creature, the required time and gp cost (if applicable) are halved. If you are teaching a new language or other proficiency to a friendly creature, the required time is halved, and the gp cost is completely negated.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Successful scholars not only endeavor to spread knowledge to all they come across but also to inherit wisdom during their adventures. These are the people who constantly ask questions and have no qualms with answering those who ask. Tutors always walk away from an academic situation or encounter--whether happily or frustrated--with new insight to record and share.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I genuinely care about each and every person I come across.
2 The world just has so many wonders—I want to see them all.
3 I speak much more articulately than others.
4 I prefer to do things by the book.
5 I love experimenting and finding new ways to do things.
6 My organizational skills are extremely meticulous.
7 I never forget a name or face.
8 I feel constantly overworked and tired.
d6 Ideal
1 Knowledge. There is so much information available to us, and it's our duty to take notes and keep knowledge safe. (Any)
2 Community. The ties that bind those we live near are tighter than any others. Without community, we are alone in a vast world. (Any)
3 Forgiving. Through any wrong that is done unto me, I will always come around to forgiveness, and I believe others should do the same. (Good)
4 Distrust. In my time as a tutor, I've learned some people are inherently selfish and evil. I watch my own back before anyone else's. (Neutral)
5 Reputation. Regardless of what's happening around me, I always put on a farce to keep my image intact. Getting people to favor me is key to everything. (Chaotic)
6 Indifferent. Inevitable and unstoppable things happen in life. I usually try to fix things, but sometimes they simply fall apart, so I've learned to stop caring too much. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I will never forget the tutor who first inspired me to become one.
2 I have a special teaching instrument or scholarly tool which brings me joy.
3 A student crafted me a trinket which I hold dearly.
4 The "Aha!" moments of my students are what I live for.
5 My bed is my sanctuary and solace.
6 I have a secret hobby which I covet above all else.
d6 Flaw
1 I always believe myself to be the brightest in the room.
2 I easily get frustrated with my students' shortcomings.
3 My curiosity oftentimes leads me to troubling situations.
4 The occasional student catches my romantic interest.
5 I believe myself to be undervalued and often ask for outrageous favors.
6 No matter how much I strive otherwise, I am racist against a certain species of folk.
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