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The crystal twinkled with an infernal light and Travver imagined he could actually see the imprisoned devil banging on the walls of its new home. Travver wondered what he should do with the evil thing. In the end, since he knew not how to destroy it, he put it under the flagstones of his fireplace and tried to forget about it.

Trapped One is a template that can be added to any corporeal creature with an intelligence of at least 13, the subject must be magically imprisoned when this template is gained. Typical types of imprisonment include such things as trapped in a magical gem, trapped in the pages of a book, held in a stasis field, magically bound within some other item, etc. The imprisonment must also leave the victim initially unaware of their predicament.


Years Trapped Drawback Benefit
10+ Awakened Awakened
100+ Despair Despair, Telepathy
200+ Cursed Intrude, Bolster
500+ Cursed Disciple
1000+ Cursed Break the Prison

Awakened: After at least ten years of magical imprisonment the Trapped One becomes fully aware of their situation, coming to full consciousness despite stasis, injuries, or other factors instituted by their imprisonment. Both a blessing and a curse, becoming awakened allows a creature to think, plan, and contemplate while imprisoned. The creature is also able to 'see' the area immediately around their prison out to 60 feet.

Despair: After at least one hundred years of magical imprisonment the Trapped One is affected on a profound level by their lack of hope for any release. The Trapped One suffers the effects of the Doom spell constantly. This misery is also projected out from the Trapped One to all (enemy and ally) within 30 feet.

Telepathy: The constant need to try to reach the outside world has ripped at the Trapped Ones mind for over 100 years and has finally allowed them to go beyond the constrains of their own thoughts. The Trapped One gains the ability to telepathically communicate in any language they know with any beings to a distance of 20 ft per point of intelligence bonus. Unfortunately this telepathic communication is extremely painful for the outside creature and causes them to be shaken while in contact with the Trapped One and for 2d4 rounds afterward (Will save DC 15 to halve this time).

Cursed: Two hundred plus years of imprisonment have taken a real toll on the Trapped One, a permanent curse has become a part of their nature. Each time the Trapped One gets 'cursed' either choose or randomly select one of the following curses;

  • Curse of Weakness: -2 Str. Long imprisonment has made it difficult for the Trapped One to use their muscles.
  • Curse of Slowness: -2 Dex. Long imprisonment has slowed the reflexes of the Trapped One.
  • Curse of Fatigue: -2 Con. Long imprisonment has weakened the health of the Trapped One permanently.
  • Curse of Stupidity: -2 Int. Long imprisonment has dulled the intellect of the Trapped One.
  • Curse of Gullibility: -2 Wis. Long imprisonment has made the Trapped One more willing to believe others.
  • Curse of Annoyance: -2 Cha. Long imprisonment has made the Trapped One unsuitable for public relations.
  • Curse of Apathy: -2 to Saves. Long imprisonment has dulled your ability to avoid danger.
  • Curse of Insanity: The Trapped One has picked up some pretty odd quirks during the long years of imprisonment.
  • Curse of Fear: The Trapped One has picked up a phobia (usually related to their method of imprisonment, such as fear of gemstones if trapped in a gem.).

Intrude: The Trapped One has discovered how to mentally 'jab' an individuals mind at opportune moments giving a -2 penalty to one die roll. This ability may be used freely once per round. This ability has the same range as their telepathy. The victim of this attack may make a Will save or Concentration check (DC 10 + Cha Bonus + Int Bonus) to ignore the attack.

Bolster: The trapped one can mentally bolster all allies within 30 feet or a single ally within range of their telepathy against fear effects, enchantments, and illusions giving them a +2 circumstance bonus to their save. Ironically, the Trapped One cannot help themselves.

Disciple: The trapped one has mastered the art of picking a willing disciple. While imprisoned the Trapped one can call up a creature or NPC of like alignment and up to 3 HD or character levels (Although the disciple can advance after being summoned). The disciple is completely loyal to his imprisoned master and actively searches for ways to release their master and recruits minions to serve his master. The Trapped One can speak to his disciple over any distance. The Trapped One may only have one disciple at a time but may call up a new one when the old one dies or is dismissed.

Break the Prison: After a thousand years of entrapment, the Trapped One has learned all of the secrets and weakness of their prison and may impart this knowledge to anyone who will listen. However, they cannot actually use the knowledge to free themselves but must rely on their disciple and minions to implement the necessary steps (i.e. say the magic words, perform the ceremony, etc.).

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