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The Dungeon Master[edit]

One of the forms through which mortals have tried to comprehend The Dungeon Master

You have made a pact with one of the most powerful and cryptic entities throughout the multiverse,one that holds so much power that its existence can only be felt in the deepest and darkest cracks of the outer realms,yet its overbearing hand continually guides all who live in your world.Such a being directly unveiling oneself to another is unheard of,but for whatever mind-twistingly obtuse and frankly stupid reason,it has not only shown itself to you,but offered you a pact.Maybe your incredibly specific circumstances made it that no other higher being would answer your call.Or maybe The Dungeon Master himself found you specifically as being a really funny addition,and offered you a sliver of its knowledge.This knowledge will crush the minds of any who are unprepared,and drain the will to live of all others,although the ones who can adapt to it will learn they can very effectively use it to influence and predict both their surroundings and their future.

Expanded spell list

The Dungeon Master lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Dungeon Master Expanded Spells
Spell Level Spells
1st detect magic, silent image
2nd augury, phantasmal force
3rd phantom steed, nondetection
4th divination, phantasmal killer
5th legend lore, seeming

Mind alter[edit]

As a Dungeon Master warlock,whenever,you cast eldritch blast,it deals Psychic instead of Force damage.

Hey,wouldn't it be funny if...[edit]

Whenever you cast a spell that is part of the schools of Transmutation,Illusion,Divination or Abjuration,you can choose to make any ability check involved in casting the spell automatically succeed,or saving throw against the spell automatically fail,this ability does not work when one of the targets is a hostile creature or another player,or when the spell it is used on deals direct damage to any target other than the caster.This ability does not bypass legendary resistance.This ability can be used a number of times equal to the caster's intelligence modifier (minimum 1) per Dungeons & Dragons™ session.

Encroaching mind[edit]

Because of your interaction with the Dungeon Master,you now operate at a higher level of consciousness than most creatures around you,even if you do not realize it yourself.Starting at 6th level,the irises of your eyes turn pale grey,and you gain truesight out to 30 ft. ,you also know the amount of hit dice,and armor class of any creature that is within this range and not behind three-quarters cover or more.Additionally,you are resistant to psychic and force damage.

Fast Travel[edit]

Your knowledge of the inner workings of the world grant you abilities of advanced time manipulation,being able to transport your consciousness to a later point in time through travels.Beginning at 10th level,you learn the sepll teleport,it is a warlock spell for you,and you do not need to expend a spell slot to cast it.When casting the spell in this way,the spell has no verbal effects,and it can not work when the destination is a place that you have not visited in person,but it can not fail otherwise,also,when cast in this way you will arrive at your destination a number of hours later,equal to the number of miles between the origin point of the spell and the destination divided by 3 (as if you had walked there on foot).You can cast teleport this way a number of times equal to your intelligence modifier per Dungeons & Dragons™ session.

Closing Judgement[edit]

At 14th level,you gain the ability to send a creature directly to be judged and dealt with by your Dungeon Master.As an action,you can choose to make the Dungeon Master impact judgement onto any creature within 30ft. of you,the creature you choose must not have a [5e SRD:Challenge Rating|challenge rating]] higher than half your warlock level rounded down,a creature chosen to be judged must make a wisdom saving throw against your warlock spell save DC,escaping the effect if they succeed,legendary resistance can not be used if a creature fails this saving throw.After a creature fails,their soul and mind get transported into another dimension to be judged by the Dungeon Master,meanwhile their body is in a statue-like state.The possible effects the Dungeon Master may choose to impart unto the creature is:

  • they may be charmed by you as if under the fast friends spell for a week
  • they may be frightened of you for 24 hours
  • they may lose all memories of interacting with you and up to 5 other creatures of the Dm's choice
  • they may suffer a painful death while they are disintegrated on the spot,a creature killed in this way cannot be brought back to life without the use of a wish or true resurrection spell

The Dm may choose an effect beyond the scope of these examples.Whatever the effect is after the verdict is decided their soul and mind are brought back instantly and the effect is immediate.You can use this ability once per Dungeons & Dragons™ session,and never more than once on the same creature.

Pact boons[edit]

As a Dungeon Master warlock,your pact boons have changed in shape and form to reflect the perplexing exof your patron

Pact of the Blade[edit]

When creating a pact weapon or transforming a melee weapon into one,you can choose the damage type of your pact weapon,if you choose a different damage type than normal for a weapon,everyone who witnesses you welding it would feel like their eyes are being deceived.For example you could make a short sword deal piercing damage,and even though you would be swinging it at an enemy,it would look as if you are swinging it through them,while stab wounds appear onto their body.

Pact of the Familiar[edit]

When you cast the spell,you can also choose from these special forms:guard,cultist,bandit or commoner,they will not speak unless commanded to,and they will not be recognized by anyone.

Pact of the Tome[edit]

When choosing this pact,your patron will instead grant you a laminated book depicting a mage fighting a fire giant,on the cover the words "Everything a player needs to create heroic characters for the world's greatest roleplaying game" are written,although the part of the book is stuck together and does not open under any amount of force.


The Dungeon Master provides its warlocks with ways to deepen their knowledge of the inner workings of the world,only warlocks who have already mended their minds far beyond what a normal person would consider sanity are able to accept the reality that the Dungeon Master will bestow upon them.

Page 163[edit]

Prerequisites : Pact of the Tome,13 Intelligence

Upon taking this invocation,your tome becomes unshackled,letting you absorb it's deepest and most forbidden secrets,after taking this invocations,you may choose to forget one of the cantrips you've learned from the Pact of the Tome,instead replacing it with a feature from another class,you can only get class features of level 1 and 2 in this way,and you are not allowed to receive another class's spellcasting,or any subclass feature from this invocation.If a class feature is based off your level in that class,treat that feature as if your level in that class was 2.You may choose this invocation up to 3 times. Whenever you do this,the look of that feature is changed to better suit you,for example Lay on Hands might give a hellish energy and sting those who it heals,or action surge may look like an unnatural,puppet-like movement.Whatever the class feature looks like,everyone who sees you perform it gets a strong feeling of unease,like you're breaking some kind of rule.

Connected to the narrative[edit]

Prerequisites:level 9 You can cast scrying once per long rest,without expending a spell slot

Eldritch worldbuilding[edit]

Prerequisites:level 15 You can cast mirage arcane once per long rest,without expending a spell slot,additionally,if you cast the spell in the same place,placing the same illusion for 100 days,the illusion will become real.

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