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Jason by Evgenij Kungur


Fighter Archetype

The male elf and his lover run through the alley in the night. They're cornered like rats. The male elf shoots a powerful firebolt that seemingly knocks down their pursuer for the count. The elf cautiously walks near the body to examine it. It looks like some ordinary guy with a mask with a knife. Like a bad horror movie, the elf turns around to reassure his lover, only to drop his guard. The slasher rises like nothing happened and stabs the elven male clean through his chest. The elf's body goes slack from the horrendous wound and he drops like a sack of potatoes at the killer's feet, bleeding everywhere. The female elf screams and only backs into the alley dead end further, her eyes wild with fear. Nowhere to run. She can feel her piss run down her jelly legs as the slasher nears, blade raised...

A slasher is a relentless killer. They have the most basic tools needed. Most of the time. They are scary, sure. Imposing? Sometimes, but they vary in stature. That's what the mask is for. Are they strong? Maybe, or maybe just wily enough to get in more hits than one. Fast? Not necessarily, but you'd be hard-pressed to get away from a slasher.

The point is they are killers surrounded in mystique and unanswerable questions. Their power lies partially in their unpredictable and unknown background and powers. Rumors spread in fear of them serve to make them stronger as they not only physically brutalize victims and murder, but also leave psychological scars that never fade. They haunt your mind forever. Even in your sleep, you shall see them. So, you had best hope you don't survive.

When creating a Slasher, consider the following: Does your slasher have a tragic or horrific beginning that turned them into a serial murderer with bloodlust? Are they maddened and just materialized straight out of the stuff of nightmares? Is your slasher loud and bloodthirsty or quiet and just a relentless angel of death? Do they have a vendetta? If your race is undead, was your slasher wronged in their past life?

Signature Weapon

Slashers are well-known for both their appearance and their weapon, or weapons. Starting 3rd level, you can choose one weapon, designating it as your signature weapon. When wielding a designated weapon, you add your Strength or Dexterity modifier (Whichever is higher) to your Charisma (Intimidation) checks.

When you finish a long rest, you can choose another weapon as you touch as your designated weapon. If you designate a new weapon to be your signature, the old one loses this designated property.

Supernatural Movement

Starting at 3rd level, you have an edge over your prey at all times, and can seemingly teleport from a place to another. If you are within 30 feet of a hostile creature, you can use your bonus action teleport to an unoccupied place within 5 feet of the target.

If you hit a creature with your Signature Weapon after using your Supernatural Movement, you cause 1d6 additional damage. This additional damage increases to 2d6 at 10th level and 3d6 at 18th level.

Jolt of Fear

At 3rd level, you have the ability to inflict the frightened condition to a creature within 30 feet of you as an action. The target can make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier) to resist the effect, otherwise it remains frightened until the end of your next turn. A creature that succeeds on this saving throw is immune to your jolt of fear for 24 hours.

When you take the Attack action, you can forgo one of your attacks to, instead, use your Jolt of Fear.


At 7th level, whenever you use your Supernatural Movement feature, you can use your Jolt of Fear as part of the same bonus action. If the creature fail the saving throw against your Jolt of Fear, you can make an opportunity attack with your Signature Weapon against that creature.

You can use this ability a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and regain your uses after finishing a long rest.

Dream Stalker

Starting at 10th level, you can enter someone's mind while they sleep. This works as the phantasmal killer spell, but can only be cast on an unconscious target. The saving throw DC to resist equals 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier.

Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a short or a long rest.

Pervert Gravity

You can go anywhere needed to pursue your prey, in any way. Nothing stops you. Starting 15th level, you are considered permanently under the effects of the spider climb spell. Additionally, you can now hold your breath for up to an hour at a time.

Finally, you are no longer affected by difficult terrain.

True Slasher

At 18th level, you attain the greatest power of killers. Fear has always been your greatest weapon, and now, you have a complete control over it. As an action, you can create an aura of fear of 60-foot radius, centered on you. For 1 minute, each hostile creature that starts its turn in this aura must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be frightened until the aura ends. A creature that succeeds on this saving throw is immune to your aura for 24 hours.

Once you use this ability, you can't use it again until you finish a short or a long rest.

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