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Epic Psionics

This special crystal ring comes in a variety of types useful only to psionic characters (characters who have power points per day). The wearer’s total power points per day are increased, depending on the ring. The points granted are not bonus points—while the ring is worn, it actually increases the wearer’s points per day, but a night’s rest is required before gaining access to the increased power point per day total. (Power points are not actually stored in the ring, as would be the case for a crystal capacitor. Instead, the ring grants power points by magnifying the manifester’s own power.)

A ring of epic psionics V increases the wearer’s daily power points by 43 points, a ring of epic psionics VI grants 63 power points, a ring of epic psionics VII grants 87 power points, a ring of epic psionics VIII grants 115 points, and a ring of epic psionics IX grants 147 power points.

Strong clairsentience; ML 23rd (V), 26th (VI), 29th (VII), 32nd (VIII), 35th (IX); Prerequisites: Craft Universal Item, Craft Epic Universal Item, great emulation*; Price: 250,000 gp (V), 360,000 gp (VI), 490,000 gp (VII), 640,000 gp (VIII), 810,000 gp (IX).

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