Raven Feather Cloak, Variant (5e Equipment)

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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: No armor should double your Dex mod when added to AC. Assuming the character has the max of 20 DEX and no other modifiers such as a ring of protection or the like, this a potential of 22 AC on top of the already staggering advantage on all DEX rolls, which would apply to their attacks, ability checks and saving throws according to the language used here. Additionally, the armor is marked as only a rare magic item, despite its overwhelming power. If this item is to be allowed in any fashion, it should be adjusted to the rarity of Artifact, and be unobtainable outside of crafting, with the resources and time to do so increased exponentially, and the method for forging incredibly difficult

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Armor (Light armor), Rare (Cloak)

Jet black cloak with an Electrum clasp, crafted with 2 Electrum, a cloak, and 15 Raven Feathers. Gives advantage on all Dex rolls, with an AC 12 + Dex mod x2.

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