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Primordial Knight[edit]

In a rare occurrence when a Primordial is banished from the 4th dimension the consciousness dies in the switch from 4th dimension to 3rd, as that happens the power of the primordial must go somewhere and it targets a nearby conscious host (The Player). now overtime you gian the power of that primordial (Ancient primordial).

{{5e Class Features |summary= As a Primordial Knight you gain the following class features. |hd= |spellcasting= |armor= Light |weapons= Martial |tools= Dungeon Pack |item1a= |item1b= |item2a= Dungeon pack

Primordial Gift

Only by chance have you gained the power of an Ancient Primordial, you can feel the overwhelming weight of the power you just gained but you don't know how to use it. Starting at 1st level you gain access to the Wizard spell list and the Warlock spell list you get 1 cantrip from each list , 2 1st level spells from each list and from here on only 2 spells from each.

Primordial Power

Starting at 2nd level you can use Primordial sword techniques as your new power starts to settle inside you, you choose one from the list below at 2nd level and another at 6th

True Step
if an attack roll is made against you, you may make a reaction roll to step out of the way of a Melee attack, it is successful if you roll higher than the attack roll.
Full Counter
If an attack roll is made against you and fails you may make a roll to attack back, successful if roll was higher than the missing attack roll
Sword Sweep
you sweep your sword at a wide angle hitting more than one target if they are next to each other, roll once for all targets hit
with your sword you cut strait down damaging and knocking the opponent prone

Ancients Knowledge

Starting at 3rd level you gain the ability to read, write, and speak all common languages, and you learn things faster in general add a +5 intelligence modifier and +3 on Intelligence and Wisdom checks, you cannot gain any other modifier on this stat after this point

Ability Score Increase

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Muscle Memory

Also at 4th level you gain the ability to read opponent attacks and predict them if hit by an attack you may make a Strength saving roll AC=10, if successful you take half of all damage on fail you take 1.5x damage

Devastating Blow

At 5th level you can bash with a shield equipped AC=14, on a successful hit the target takes 2d8 force damage and is immobilized for 1 turn, 2 turns at 12th level.

Flash Step

starting at 5th level you gain the primordial flash step, which in a spherical area of 50 feet you can instantly move to anywhere in that 50 foot space, this auto centers on you when you move location (during battle this move counts as a bonus action)

Ancient Strikes

Starting at 6th level you can hit twice for one attack roll but roll for separate damage, at 14th level its three times and four times at 20th

Extra Attack

Starting at 7th level you can attack more than once (twice if dual wielding) on your turn you can make multiple attacks while only using your main action, the amount is as follows 7th level get one extra attack, 10th level get an extra attack, 14th level get an extra attack, 16th level get an extra attack, 20th level get two extra attack.

Primordial Armor

At 8th level you gain the ability to access primordial armor (pictured above) the armor grows in power with you as you gain more control of the primordial power.

Primordial Helm
10 Defense at 8th level, 20 at 12th, 30 at 16th, and 40 at 20th. the user gains access to a HUD while wearing the helm,showing them a local area map as well as a heath, and magic gauge.
Primordial Chest Plate
20 Defense at 8th level, 40 at 12th, 80 at 16th, and 160 at 20th. user gains the effects of Anti-Magic, and as such any attack roll that is magic made against you are at disadvantage and must make and AC = 16 to hit and then must make an anti-magic saving throw AC = 11 if fail then take half damage, if made then full damage. the user cannot use any magic while the chest plate is equipped.
Primordial Leg Plates
15 Defense at 8th level, 30 at 12th, 60 at 16th, and 120 at 20th. while equipped the user gains a speed boost and can attack twice the amount of times they would be able to without the leg plates equipped, this goes to three times at 16th level.
Primordial Boots
10 defense at 8th level, 20 at 12th, 30 at 16th, and 60 at 20th. while equipped the user can walk on any surface as if it where a solid as long as that surface would hold as if it where solid, at 14th level the user can walk on any surface even if to defy gravity and weight is no longer a concern.
Primordial Shield
while equipped all attack rolls must make a AC=15 to hit this increase to 16 at 14th level and 17 at 16th level, also while equipped the user may expand a main action to block on their turn any attack made to the user after that (max 2 attacks) do no damage unless a 20 is rolled then critical hits are done normally
Primordial Sword
the sword damage is 1d20 slashing damage or 1d12 piercing damage if piercing is successful then target takes 1d8 bleed on their turn after that


At 9th level you gain the Primordial Pocket Dimension which allows you to store anything in a infinite 4D plain, an while in battle expand a bonus action to equip different armor and weapons

Ancient's Ki/Energy

at 10th level the Ancient Primordial energy you have is now fully settled in your body, now you gain the power to control this new ki/energy work with your home-brew DM to make energy attacks, use energy bubbles you gain by killing enemies (1 per enemies killed) to expand to make energy attacks, ki/energy dose not count as magic but as a living force

Primordial Path

At 12th level you get to pick one of the chooses below

Swing of the Mighty Wind
once per short rest you may swing with the force of a hurricane, on attack every creature in front of you (allies included) must make a DC Constitution saving throw = 18 or be knock down
Swing of the Fire Eternal
once per short rest you may swing and emit a fire storm from your weapon every creature in front of you (enemies) must roll DC Dexterity Saving throw = 16 or every turn after take 2d12 burn damage, (allies) just roll 2d8 + 6 healing if in the way
Swing of Unyielding Power
once per short rest target one creature in battle that creature must make a AC saving throw of =15 if not the creature dies, if made creature takes 4d10 + 20 force damage and + 10 psychic damage

Ancients Wrath

Starting at 14th level once per long rest you can attack with all your anger you do not need to roll for AC the target takes 2d20 +15 x 1d12 this is the only move you can do this turn you cannot move your next turn and are at disadvantage

Primordial Eyes

Starting at 15th level you gain mana eyes, night vision, detect life, and have a passive dexterity of 20 (must make any dex throws normally)

Ancient Primordial Form

At 16th level you gain a ki/energy transformation you gain temporary hit points equal to your level times five + strength modifier and you are immune to non magical damage (you cannot wear primordial armor in this transformation) ki/energy attacks are x2 damage and you gain advantage on any attack roll

Painful Affliction

Starting At 17th level the power inside you almost completely merges with your body but since you are still in a mortal form the power cannot completely merge causing pain with every move, while not in battle this doesn't affect you in any way, but while in battle and you take any damage you gain pain affliction (1 point per each damage roll) when you reach the max point counter (10) you cannot move your next turn, reset after

Ancients Retribution

At 18th level you may pick one from the list below

Pain is my power
instead of losing your turn at max pain points you can instead use pain point as a multiplier (2 points = x2 damage) at the vary end of the damage phase but each point you use is one turn of immobilization after that
Primordial Understanding
you begin to act and think like a primordial any creature you see and meet you believe to be beneath you if you every meet another primordial they will believe you are a primordial and speak with you your alingment is now chaotic neutral
Ancient Wraith
you may summon any undead creature that creature will always be summoned and will obey orders if the creature dies you cannot summon another for 6 days

Ancient Instinct

At 20th level you gain a second form you can only get to this form buy using the 16th level ability (you regain all temporary hit points) on top of the current form buffs you also gain the ability to fly, and your hit AC = 19 while in this form, also while in this form if your hit points equal the negative of your max hit points instead of dying you are elevated to the 4D primordial dimension where you can be brought back or stuck there


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