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Pretty Boy/Girl [Archetype]

You are pretty, very pretty. Somehow it makes your life easier.
Prerequisite: Humanoid Type, 15 Cha
Benefit: See below
Special: If you ever stop qualifying for this feat, you can trade it for another archetype feat you meet the prerequisites.

Archetype Feat Bonus are based on HD.

  • 1 HD: Convincing other creatures is easier when you are pretty! You gain +5 bonus on all charisma-based checks against all creatures.
  • 4 HD: Your prettiness tends to distract people, any foe within a 30 ft. radius of you takes a -5 penalty to concentration checks.
  • 7 HD: You are so pretty you can make anyone your friend. As a standard action you can cast charm person as a spell-like ability. You can only have a number of charmed friends equal to twice your HD.
  • 10 HD: You're so beautiful you can magically compel others to do your bidding. You can slip in a suggestion whenever you talk. You can use this ability in combat.
  • 13 HD: You’re so pretty that even monsters have a friendly attitude towards you, you can use charm monster or mass charm monster
  • The save dc vs your spell-like abilities is 19 + charisma mod,this will never change.
  • Your spell-like abilities affect those even immune to enchantment and compulsion abilities.

Example: Clara is a 10 HD pretty girl. One day she sit in a tavern with her fellows and she approach the barkeeper and say "I really want a drink honey, a free drink." The barkeeper is allowed a Will save to resist offering her a free drink. However, no adjacent creatures are affected by her suggestion. If the barman was, for example, an ogre, he would be affected by the suggestion.

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