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Creatures that are not playable races. Add them alphabetically


The Azer are Dvergar who have turned away from the Hiisi, and instead have dedicated their life to serving devils. Reasons for why they do this vary, from a desire for power to losing faith in the Hiisi. Nevertheless, the Azer are almost always universally reviled by the Dvergar, and are usually attacked on sight.


The humorous children's tale The Ogre's Big Headache speaks of a priest trying to explain the Gods to the uncultured ogre. Ogres are notorious for worshipping no Gods, and as the ogre attempts to understand, it's head cracks in half from the strain. Though hardly true, this is the belief of many when it comes to ettins.

Ettins have two personalities, one for each head, no one can ever tell what a ettin will do next and are dangerous even to seasoned warriors as their motives and way of attacking can change in a instant.


Giants walk the Praries that border the Amenuk river. These colossal creatures are part stone, part wood, and part flesh, and while all are covered in moss, the largest even support miniature forests atop their backs. The humans who call the plains do not quite worship the Giants, but they see them as holy and incredibly wise creatures with a special connection to the Gods. Among the prarie-folk, there is a select group of travelers called the Heaven Climbers, who are the emissaries and interpreters of the giants. These brave few have been given a sacred task - to climb the immense bulk of their giantr and relay messages from their fellow humans, then hear its reply. The giants are slow to speak and act, and so every message is cause for celebration.

Mind Flayers[edit]

Of all of the strange peoples upon the world, none is more disturbing than the Mind Flayer. They appear to have no uniting culture or geographic home. They often appear at centers of great learning or power, asking to be let in, often appealing to customs of travel and politics. They appear to be elegant and courtly creatures. Although they are often masters of etiquette, they remain constantly cold an observing. They have no joy or charm, simply a wall of cold unreadable emotion that bores and studies all that it comes across. Like eyes staring deep from a winter storm. They appear very rarely to work directly with other races, yet they are almost always near the epicenter of great social upheaval. They stay disconnected from events, yet trouble always seems to follow them. An old saying along the Amenuk River; “Better to have the thief judge, and the jester lead, than to have a Mind Flayer watch.” A most curious thing about the Mind Flayer is that they appear to have no need of eating food like other races...

Since their beak-like inner mouths are incapable of forming all but the simplest spoken words, the Illithids have developed a specialized language that uses the dazzling displays of brightly colored, shifting patterns their tentacled heads can display.


A legion of Demons entered the material plane six hundred years ago or more and they went rogue. They were filled with awe at the sight of the world and became, if not good, then no longer sinful for no reason.

They call themselves the Oni. Each Oni is an individual, Oni rarely meet with each other, they seek their own truths and are not interested in conversation. Oni often pierce their ears, nose, lips and tongues, cover themselves with tattoos of things they like (anything from a favoured food to a place) and wear layers of clothes, anything to give themselves an individual look.

Though not noted for being heroic, Oni hate slavers and will free slaves whenever they can. They have a deep respect for monks and other people that are strict with themselves and lead their life their own way.


The cat has always been feared, and this can be partially attributed to the deadly Raksasha, a Feline race. Raksashas are born of the souls of those who died fighting for unjust causes. Imbued with magic so foul that even they cant stand each other, they spring from a pool called the well of sin, located in a cavern in the underdark where the scrim between this world and the world below is torn.


A race of enormous centipedes that have eyes at both ends. They live in the Forgotten Land.


Giants who live long enough have minature forests growing on their backs, sometimes complete with tiny fey. After many centuries, they start to hear things, as more intelligent fey live on their bodies. The giant will eventually stop roaming the prairie and head towards a forest unconsciously. There it will rest for many deacdes, as small fey remake the giant's body into more tree-like. When the giant awakes, it has become a Treant.


Oozes are almost all aspects of the parasite plane Jubilex, and are comprised of the souls of those who die in a state of great loneliness and isolation or who are killed by an ooze and thereby have their soul drawn into Jubilex.


Over the centuries demons have even made plays at the mortal world. For unknown reasons, the doorways into the world are smaller and less stable than those the demons use to enter the elemental planes. When demonic energy has leeched out into the world it mutated local humanoids and livestock into a sub-form of demons called Yugoloths. Currently the Yugoloths are contained in small, hidden communities, building their numbers. How long this will last is anyone's guess.

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