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Weapon (spear), artifact (requires attunement)

Forged by the two gods of order, Judgement and Justice, the Lance of Judgement was created as a gift for the first empress of all dragonkind, Aurora. The spear was passed through generations of dragons, until the collapse of the empire, after which the spear was lost for several eons, before being rediscovered by Lucian Grace, a human warrior. Lucian wielded the spear once more, cleaving through entire nations with it. Upon Lucian’s passing, Judgement reclaimed the spear, to hold on to it until someone worthy of yielding came along.

  • 3 minor beneficial properties
  • 2 major beneficial properties
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 1 major detrimental property

The Light Will be Born. The wielder gains immunity to the frightened and charmed conditions, which cannot be bypassed, and additionally gain immunity to radiant damage and necrotic damage. Whenever the wielder deals radiant damage it will deal double damage as long as the enemy does not have immunity or resistance to damage.

No Evil Can Touch the Truth. When a creature of evil alignment takes the Lance of Judgement, it receives 500 direct damage per turn, the creature must make strength saves with DC40, and on a failure the spear will come out of its hands and begin to attack, and the creature will also gain vulnerability to all damage and will be considered in all possible negative states, until a creature of neutral or good alignment takes the spear.

Stay Hopeful. You cannot be stripped of the weapon under any circumstances and in the event that someone tries to take it, they must perform a DC40 wisdom save or gain all negative states plus vulnerability to all damage for 1 month. In addition, this spear is considered to weigh 100 tons for anyone other than the one attuned to it, but if you let others take the spear there will be no problem.

Wings of Justice. The wielder receives a pair of blessed wings, if they already possessed wings they are replaced by these, the wielder gains a flight speed of 90 feet and cannot be affected by difficult terrain. The wielder can choose to summon or dispel these wings as a bonus action.

Heaven´s Help. The wielder is capable of 1 time per month summon 7 angels, but only one at the same time, these angels are considered as Aurelia and will consider the bearer and their companions as allies to protect, in addition the bearer receives a bonus of +4 to his class armor while carrying the spear

Unconditional Trust. As long as you tell the truth, those who hear your truths will be instantly moved and trust you immediately, plus you will earn +30 to persuasion rolls against those people. As long as you are offered food or drink you must accept it as a good person, and if the food/drinks are poisoned you will not be affected.

The Truth is Painful. The attacks made with this weapon pass any immunity, if the wielder already had the ability to pass immunities the effects are fused, allowing the wielder to treat resistance and immunity as normal damage, and normal damage as vulnerability.

No Justice can be Opacated by Death. The Spear has 3 charges. Each charge can be used to cast True Ressurection, even if the creature’s soul is trapped or destroyed. If the wielder dies and there is at least one charge, a charge will be automatically consumed to use this feature on the wielder. One charge is regained per month.

Overwhelming Presence. The bearer gains the effects of a terrifying presence in an area of ​​120 feet. Enemies must succeed on a DC40 saving throw or be frightened until they leave the radius, and allies in the area will gain advantage on all rolls, and in addition gain an extra 4d10 radiant damage to their damage rolls.

Let the Hope be Your Guide. When someone who is considered an ally is hit by this weapon, they automatically regain 30d30 o hit points. If the creature had a missing body part they recover it as well, along with removing any negative status effect or curse. Finally, the gains the benefits of ´´Protection against the good and evil Which will be functional against any creature less a CR equal to or less than 30. The same creature cannot benefit from these effects more than once per long rest.

No Lies. The wielder of the spear will receive a +30 to his insight checks, and any roll to try and deceive his is treated as a 1. In addition, the wielder gains the effects of truesight out to a range of 120 feet. Finally, even if they want to, the wielder cannot speak a lie, but can twist the truth to deceive someone.

The Power of The Light. The spear deals an additional 3d20 radiant and 3d20 necrotic damage, and the critical range of this weapon is 15-20. Additionally, the wielder of the spear can use a bonus action to cause the Lance of Judgement to appear as a different weapon, adjusting damage as necessary.

Destroying the Lance of judgment. The Lance of Judgement can only be destroyed by Judgement or Justice.

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