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What happens when the deadline is not met?

What do we want?[edit]

Simple and short: More RAM.

Slightly longer: D&D Wiki's dedicated server currently has 1GB of DDR SDRAM, and this is not close to enough to adequately run Apache with a site such as D&D Wiki. Apache has, in the last few days, dipped into the SWAP memory of the server, which has caused many seemingly random pages to take a very long time to load. 1GB of RAM for an Apache based machine is not enough for D&D Wiki. If you want D&D Wiki to run fast again, please donate today.

What are we looking at getting?[edit]

The amount of money that we (D&D Wiki) receive will directly determine the amount of RAM that we purchase. If we do not receive too much, then we will be looking at only getting 2x512MB of MT18VDDT6472G-265 RAM. This will cost around $150.

If we get more money, then we will get 2x1GB MT18VDDT12872G-262 RAM for D&D Wiki. This will keep D&D Wiki running quickly for a long while to come. This will cost around $300.

How can one donate?[edit]

You may view the different methods at D&D Wiki:Site support.

Will my name be added to a list of contributors?[edit]

This is up to you! When we receive the money, we will email you (outside of D&D Wiki) asking you all of the specifics. You may have your name added to a list with the amount contributed, or just your name. You will also get a badge that you may add to your user page.

The list is available here.


19:00, 21 January 2007 (MST): As you may or may not know the RAM was ordered via Ebay. So, the Ebay purchased was finalized (PayPal is easy) and the company that the RAM was bought from send it. However, they messed up the order and sent the wrong RAM. Instead of PC2100 they sent PC1600 which will not work with D&D Wiki's dedicated server... So, D&D Wiki is currently waiting for a response from the company (Emailed them Friday). I will post here what happens as it happens... Sorry for the delay. --Green Dragon

20:22, 24 January 2007 (MST): The new RAM has been installed. D&D Wiki should be able to expand to much more than what it was previously able to. Thank you for all of your support! --Blue Dragon

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