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Far-Realm Gazer

Prerequisites: Charisma 15 or higher, The Great Old One as your Otherworldly Patron, Pact of The Tome.
You are constantly harassed by sounds and sights of unfathomable and alien nature. These brief glimpses allow you to see further than even planar-travellers. Your ability to cope with these hallucinations decrease when you're tired. You have disadvantage on all Wisdom-based checks after traveling for 8 hours or participating in combat until you complete a long rest. The tormenting images give you sudden insights on planar knowledge. You have advantage on all your Arcana checks regarding knowledge of the planes and planar creatures.

You can choose one invocations from the list bellow immediately after you acquire this feat.

  • Aspect Of The Moon
  • Eldritch Sight
  • Eyes Of The Runekeeper
  • Gaze of Two Minds

Additionally, every time you acquire a new spell slot, you can choose any from any class spell-list to add to your Book of Shadows, receiving it as a revelation from beyond. The spell you choose must have a level equal to or less than half your warlock level (rounded up).

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