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Circle of the Dupli Druid subclass

Years of Druidic clans spent their time learning how to shape shift into Certain creatures and use these properties for battle and skill, however the Dupli descendants saw the power in fighting one self. Your lineage lets you copy the actions of those around you learning and advancing I combat. However, be warned. If anyone discovers your real name they can transform you back just by saying it.

Your own worst nightmare

Beginning at level 2, you spend 8 hours magically gaining a text on your body of your name in a language you understand, large enough to be read from 5 feet away. You may wild shape as a bonus action. When using the wild shape action, you must have direct line of sight on the target of wild shape. You gain the ability to transform into humanoid, and monstrous creatures with the use of an extra wild shape counter. The basic rules of the druid chart still apply except you're no longer limited to beast. You appear indistinguishable from the target except for your tattoo, which remains where it would be on your body. If your name is said while in this form, you revert and lose the ability to wild shape into that target. if your name is mispronounced, miss spelled, or guessed incorrectly (Accents don't count) Then you remain in form and the creature cannot guess, or read the text again for 24 hours.


Being an exact copy of someone has its perks. Beginning at 6th level, while wild shaped into someone you have a +6 bonus to Deception checks made to fool someone about who you are. Additionally, you can mimic voices and sounds to extreme detail at all times, however you need to have a line of sight on what makes that noise for at least a min. If your name is said while transformed and impersonating, you revert and cannot speak for 1d4 hours.

Nightfall Hunter

Beginning at level 10, from sundown to sunrise you have advantage on Perception, Persuasion, and Deception checks, as well as Wisdom and Charisma saves. Additionally you only need to use one wild shape to shape into non beast creatures you are able to transform into. At this level you may choose another creature type, other than undead, ooze, or construct, and are able to wild shape into them from now on with the same limitations. If your name is said while wild shaped you fall unconscious for 1d4 hours and revert to normal form.

Hunt The Hunter

Beginning at 14th level, while you have direct line of sight on any creature you cannot wild shape into, you may make a Wisdom check of 10 + the CR of target creature. On a pass you transform into your target. On a fail you are knocked unconscious for 1d12 hours. After preforming this feature, Pass or Fail, you lose all wild shape counters. IF this action is preformed during the night, you count hits, on the creature you are wild shaped into, as critical hits. Additionally you become immune to being frightened by the creature you have become.

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