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Circle of the Dupli Druid subclass

Years of Druidic clans spent their time learning how to shape shift into Certain creatures and use these properties for battle and skill, however the Dupli descendants saw the power in fighting one self. Your lineage lets you copy the actions of those around you learning and advancing I combat. However, be warned. If anyone discovers your real name they can transform you back just by saying it.

Your own worst nightmare

Beginning at level 2, you spend 8 hours magically gaining a text on your body of your name in a language you understand, large enough to be read from 5 feet away. You may wild shape as a bonus action. When using the wild shape action, you must have direct line of sight on the target of wild shape. You gain the ability to transform into humanoid, and monstrous creatures with the use of an extra wild shape counter. The basic rules of the druid chart still apply except you're no longer limited to beast. You appear indistinguishable from the target except for your tattoo, which remains where it would be on your body. If your name is said while in this form, you revert and lose the ability to wild shape into that target. if your name is mispronounced, miss spelled, or guessed incorrectly (Accents don't count) Then you remain in form and the creature cannot guess, or read the text again for 24 hours.

Name Snatch

Beginning at level 6, While the time is twilight, you may target a creature and enter into its mind. The creature makes a Wisdom save of your DC, if the creatures intelligence is lower than 4 they automatically fail. On a pass you are booted out of their mind. On a fail that creature sees you and hears your voice. While in this state you have advantage on persuasion, intimidation, and deception checks on the creature. This can last as long as you keep concentration. While in this state both you and the target cannot move nor are aware of your surroundings. If while in this state the target guesses your name incorrectly or mispronounces it, (Accents dot count) You may wild shape into them without needing a direct line of sight. They are then unrecognizable to anyone they once knew and are unable say or write their name. You do not need to share a language with this target. You must finish a long rest to use this feature again. If your name is spoken by this creature after this interaction, you lose the ability to wild shape into them. The creature may only guess once every 24 hours during the hour it lost its name. If the creature fails at guessing your name 3 time in a row, they lose the ability to guess. (TIP, kill the creature after stealing its name)

Nightfall Hunter

Beginning at level 10, While the time is Twilight you have advantage on Perception, persuasion, and grapple checks, as well as dexterity and charisma saves. Additionally you only need to use one wild shape to shape into non beast creatures you are able to transform into. If you drop a living creature to 0 HP, you gain temporary hit points equal to the amount of damage past the point of dropping to 0. These temporary Hit points only last until the end of your next turn. At this level you may choose another creature type, other than undead, ooze, or construct, and are able to wild shape into them from now on with the same limitations. If your name is said while wild shaped you fall unconscious for 1d4 hours and revert to normal form.


Beginning at level 14, when a creature within 5 feet of you makes an attack against you, you can use your reaction to attempt to frighten them. They roll a wisdom save of your DC + your intimidation mod. If they fail, the attack misses, and they are frightened for 1 minute. This check gains + 10 if the time is twilight. This reaction cannot be used on a creature whom is already frightened by you, or has been within the past 24 hours, however if the time is twilight creatures with immunity to being frightened are able to be affected, they roll as a creature without immunity would at normal time. If a creature that is frightened misses an attack on you, you gain an opportunity attack on them, given they are within range. Further more, once per long rest you can create an aura of 80 feet that is considered "Twilight" for minutes equal to your wisdom mod (Minimum 1). You gain all the advantages as if it were actually that time. This is increased to twice a long rest at level 16. At level 20 the range is doubled.

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