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Circle of the Healer[edit]

As a druid, you have honed the use of natural remedies, and healing magic to aid yourself or others in many situations. Unlike the average medic, you have the versatility and chaotic thought prosses of the wilds to aid you in your skills.

Makeshift Medic

Beginning at 2nd level, you learn extra spells on the chart below in accordance to your druid spellcasting. Additionally, you choose between a Chaotic Cleric or a Mindful Medic.

Chaotic Cleric

When using any healing ability, roll a medicine check of 15. If you pass, the healing amount is doubled. If you fail, you instead deal 1d4+your Wisdom Mod to the target of your healing.

Mindful Medic

When using any healing ability, you add your medicine bonus to the healing.

Circle of the Healer Expanded Spell List
Spell Level Spells
1st Cure Wounds - Healing Word
2nd Healing Spirit - Prayer of Healing
3rd Mass Healing Word - Beacon of Hope
4th Death Ward - Gradian of Nature
5th Mass Cure Wounds - Raise Dead
Swift Sutures

Beginning at 6th level, you can use a bonus action to use a spell slot and heal you or a target within 30 feet, 1d8. Every level past 1 increases the number of d8s by 1.

Chaotic Cleric

When using this ability, you can choose to sacrifice 5 HP as the material instead of a spell slot. This can only be done once per turn.

Mindful Medic

When using this ability on a friendly creature that is not you, you can add an extra d8 to the heal.

Steady Hand

Beginning at 10th level, Medicine Checks are made with double proficiency all the time, and with advantage in direct sunlight.

Chaotic Cleric

When healing a friendly creature, you can add any amount of your HP to theirs, as long as you remain with 1 Hit Point. This IS doubled if the Med Check is passed as normal. Any HP that exceeds the creatures original HP is added as temporary Hit Points, however they only last one round, (or 1 min out of combat). Failing your medicine check now deals 1d12 Damage + your medicine Bonus.

Mindful Medic

When healing a friendly creature and around a freshwater body or stream, you can add the double proficiency to the heal instead of your normal medicine bonus.

All In

Beginning at 14th level, when making a medicine check, you can choose to take a -10 to the check. If so, the amount of healing is Maxed. You can use this feature an amount of times = to your Wisdom Modifier (Min 1), per long rest. Additionally, the paths of the medic and cleric diverge further, and you may choose between them, however you cannot choose differently from your original choice, Example, you cannot choose a sub medic feature if you are already the cleric path.

Chaotic Cleric
  • Risky move

Once per long rest, you can use your action to preform a revive on a creature. If you succeed the Medicine Check, the creature is revive with the effects of a long rest. If you fail, the creature dies.

  • Clerics Companion

You gain a tiny beast creature with HP = to four times your druid level, that can preform your swift sutures bonus action, on your initiative. Your HP can still be used as per usual. Once per long rest when you are put into death saves, your beast can help you as you could anyone in death saves.

Mindful Medic
  • Virtue of Death

Once per long rest, if a creature fails a death save within 5 feet of you, you can choose to make it a natural 20 instead. This creature can be you.

  • Healing Aura

Creatures within 30 feet of you add your medicine bonus to all healing rolls, death saves, as well as Constitution saves and checks.

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