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Druid Circle: Circle of the Wildlife[edit]

Inspired by and benchmarked Druid Circle: Circle of Animals by ‎D'Artagnan.

Druids of the Circle of the Wildlife are friends of life of animal kingdom. These druids seldom make a gathering of more than three druids, but their gathering almost always includes many beasts of the local wildlife. They emulate the lifestyle of animals and beasts, hunting and gathering only what they need at the moment, and occasionally serve as the vigilante, disabling traps and warding off poachers.

Druids of the Circle of the Wildlife can be easily recongized by their companions, beasts that have befriended and influenced by the druids. Druids' companions are empowered by wild magic, channelled by their friends, and in return, druids are empowered by lores and secrets of the wild whispered by their companions.

Animal Companion

When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you learn to use your magic to create a powerful bond with a creature of the natural world.

With 8 hours of work and the expenditure of 150 gp worth of rare herbs and fine food, you call for an animal from the wilderness to serve as your faithful companion. You normally select your companion among the following animals: an ape, a black bear, a boar, an elk, a mastiff, a panther, a pony, or a wolf. However, your DM might pick one of these animals for you, based on the surrounding terrain and what types of creatures would logically be present in the area.

At the end of the 8 hours, your animal companion appears and gains all benefits of your Companion's Bond feature. You can have only one animal companion at a time.

If your animal companion is ever slain, the magical bond you share allows you to return it to life. With 8 hours of work and the expenditure of 75 gp worth of rare herbs and find food, you call forth your companion's spirit ant use your magic to create a new body for it. You can return an animal companion to life in this manner even if you do not possess any part of its body.

If you use this feature to return a former animal companion to life while you have a current animal companion, your current companion leaves you and is replaced by the restored companion.

Companion's Bond
Your animal companion gains the following benefits while it is bound to you.
Your animal companion loses its Multiattack action, if it has one.
Your animal companion understands any language you know, but it cannot speak it.
Your animal companion obeys your commands to the best of its abilities. In combat it rolls for its own initiative, but you determine its actions, decisions, attitudes, and so on. If you are incapaciated or absent, your companion acts on its own, defending you and itself to the best of its abilities.
You share insight and knowledge naturally with your animal companion as such you can add your proficiency bonus to its Saving Throws, Attack Rolls as well as its Armor Class and its Damage Rolls.
Through forging a bond with you your animal companion takes in some of your drudic power granting it strengthened fortitude. For every two levels you gain after 2nd, you may increase your animal companions Hit Die by 1 and increase its hit points accordingly.
When you reach 6th level, and again at 14th level, your companion's ability scores improve. your companion's abilities also improve. Your companion can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, your animal companion cannot increase an ability score above 20 this way, unless its description specifies otherwise.
Your companion shares your alignment and ideal, and its bond is always, "The druid who I travel with is a beloved friend for whom I would gladly risk any danger."
Beast Affinity

Also starting at 2nd level, whenever you make a Charisma check when interacting with beasts, your proficiency bonus is doubled if it applies to the check.

Additionally, you are always under the speak with animals spell.

Primal Strike

Beginning at 6th level, your animal companion's attacks count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.

Primal Tag

When you reach 10th level, your animal companion has advantage on saving throws against effects of your druid spells, and moving through difficult terrains created by the effects of your druid spells costs no extra movement for your animal companions.

Additionally, when you target a creature with a druid spell, your animal companion can use its reaction to make a melee attack against it if it is within the reach.

Animal Proxy

At 14th level, when you cast a druid spell targeting yourself, you can also affect your animal companion with the spell if it is within 30 feet of you.

Additionally, when you cast a druid spell with a range of touch, your animal companion can deliver the spell as if it had cast the spell. Your animal companion must be within 100 feet of you, and it must use its reaction to deliver the spell when you cast it. If the spell requires an attack roll, you use your attack modifier for the roll.

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