Boon of the Sapphire Dragon God (5e Blessing)

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Boon of the Sapphire Dragon God[edit]

Gain the power of a sapphire dragon (Do not use in normal campaign) NOT FINISHED DO NOT USE YET

This is recommended to be given at first level and used for a overpowered campaign

You have been blessed by a sapphire dragon of great wyrm status or higher(Such as a god or homebrew being) you are now a champion of the sapphire dragon, the symbol neutrality and thunder

Level 1 You can cast Thunderclap and Booming Blade at will. However you can now cast booming blade as a bonus action, but you can't cast any other spells that turn. You also gain resistance to thunder damage.(If you are already resistant to thunder damage you become immune, because I think It's stupid that it doesn't already work like that). You also learn how to cast message at will, however walls and barriers don't intercept it (silence still affects it). It also has a range of 200 feet.

Level 5 At 5th level you can cast Thunder Step an amount of times equal to your proficiency however it has a range 300 feet and you can chose to force them to also make a strength saving throw to push them 10 feet away and knock the target prone. Your spells and abilities now overcome thunder resistance however immunity is still unaffected.

Level 10 Whenever you reach level 10 you gain the ability to clap and create a small compact sonic boom that forces all creatures within 30 feet to make a constitution saving throw or take 5d10 thunder damage and be deafened for 10 minutes on a failed save. A successful save results in half damage and the deafened condition for 1 round. Your thunder step now creates a vortex at your starting location forcing everyone within 10 feet to make a strength saving throw or take 2d6 bludgeoning and be knocked prone ona failed save. A successful save results in no negative effects. You gain immunity to thunder damage(If you already have immunity then whenever targeted by thunder damage you gain health equal to half the damage).

Level 15

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