Boon of the Red Dragon God (5e Blessing)

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Boon of the Red Dragon God[edit]

Gain the power of a red dragon. (Do not use in normal campaign)

This is recommended to be given at first level and used for a overpowered campaign

You have been blessed by a Red dragon of great wyrm status or higher(Such as a god or homebrew being) you are now a champion of the red dragon, the symbol chaos and destruction.

Level 1 At level 1 you gain the ability to cast the spell Hellish Rebuke an amount of times per day equal to your proficiency bonus however you may cast an alternative version of it that does 1d10 fire damage to everyone within 10 feet of you(Including Allies!) you may only cast this as a first level spell and spell casters may only cast this more times per day then there proficiency bonus if they have there spell naturally on their spell list(Like if their a warlock). You are also resistant to fire damage.(If you are already resistant to fire damage you become immune, because I think It's stupid that it doesn't already work like that). You also gain 2 claw attacks that each do 1d6 slashing damage(If you have extra attack it increases to 3 like normal). These claw attacks scale off your highest physical attribute(Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution) For instance if your highest physical attribute is a +3 Con you have a +3 to hit and to damage with the claws.

Level 5 When you reach 5th level you gain the dragonborn breath weapon except you can use it an amount of times per day equal to your proficiency bonus. It is a 30' Cone instead of a 15' Cone and it increases by 4d6 when you hit the level milestones however you skip the level 6 mile stone (so it would start at 4d6, 11th level would be 8d6, and 16th level would be 12d6). Your spells and attacks now overcome fire resistance however immunity is still unaffected.

Level 10 Once you hit 10th level you get to choose two of the following abilities

  • Your skin starts to turn to scales giving you +2 AC
  • Your flames transcend that of the dragon which you gained your powers. You now ignore immunity when doing fire damage through abilities and spells.
  • You grow dragon wings giving you a flying speed of 60 feet, monk unarmed movement stacks with this movement speed.
  • You produce so much body heat that you burn anything that touches you. Whenever a creature attacks you with a non-reach weapon they take 1d10 fire damage.
  • You have an innate immune system. You gain the legendary resistance feature once per day.
  • You have learned to to channel your power into weapons. Whenever you make an attack with a weapon it does an extra 2d4 fire damage(This multiplies on a critical).

You also gain immunity to fire damage when you hit 10th level(If you already have immunity then whenever targeted by fire damage you gain health equal to half the damage )

Level 15 Whenever you hit 15th level you get to pick an additional option from the level 10 list. You can also now use your breath weapon 2 more times per day. Your hellish rebuke is now cast at 3rd level (The alternate version is half damage, so 2d10), it can also be used an amount of equal to your proficiency times two. Your claws now do 2d6 damage each.

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