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Amulet of Self-replification: A smooth gold-encrusted reddish-purple gem hangs on a fine divinitite chain. There is an inscription written in abyssal on the back

In order for the user to activate this, they have to be able to say the incantation on the back and they need to be holding something else in their other hand. Upon saying the verbal component successfully, whatever they were holding will start to glow and morph. At first it will resemble a hand in theirs, then an arm will form, a chest and head and legs utill they are looking at themselves while holding their own hand. If they break their grip on their new self without giving them the amulet, the new self will instantly revert back into what it previously was. Should the necklace be handed over to them while their hands are still held, they can break their grip as long as the new self has the amulet. If the amulet is ever removed from their new self's possession, their new self will instantly be reverted back into what it was to start off.

(Example: Kaleb uses the amulet while holding a leaf in the other hand. If Kaleb breaks his grip from Leaf Kaleb's hand before giving him the amulet, Leaf Kaleb will instantly revert back to a leaf. If the amulet is forcefully removed from Leaf Kaleb then Leaf Kaleb will instantly be returned to a leaf.)

Anyone created by using the necklace will be of the same image and alignment as well as have the same magic items and memories as the person it was created from. Personalities may vary but will always be obedient to the creator. Objects that can be used are listed below. Each will have different effects. Maximum HP for created subject, 1HP.

Strong conjuration;CL 20th; Craft Wondrous Item; Cost 750,000gp, 30,000 XP, 1 Month; Weight: 1 lb.; Market Price: 1,500,000 gp

Table: Items Held and Effect

Material Effects
Diamond +20 AC due to hardness, Immune to Crush Effects.
Emerald +8 AC due to hardness, Immune to Poison/Acid.
Saphire +7 AC due to hardness, Immune to Cold.
Ruby +6 AC due to hardness, Immune to Fire.
Stone +15 AC due to hardness, Immune to Lightning.
Leaf Auto Feather Fall Unlimited
Wood +5 Natural Armor Immune to water effects, double fire damage.
Glass -10 AC, Permanent invisible.
Sand No Effect.
Fish Scales Immune to Water, Water Breathing.
Down Feathers Fly, Wind Walk.
Poison Upon any physical contact with living subject, subject becomes poisoned. Poison effects stack on each touch.
Potion Upon any physical contact with living subject, give subject effect of potion. Potion effect is re-applied on each touch.
Holy Object Auto Consecrate. Bless all near by. Auto Undeath to Death. Auto Dispel Evil
Unholy Object Auto Desecrate. Bane all near by. Auto Animate Dead. Auto Dispel Good
Any Explosive Energy Burst that detonates on touch of ally or enemy alike.


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