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PC Shadar-Kai should add the following Racial Trait as well the additional information presented in Dragon Magazine #372 is recommended when using this race.

Shadow Creature: Your ancestors were native to the Shadowfell, so you are considered a shadow creature for the purposes of effects that relate to creature origin.

The following feats are for the Shadar-Kai race.

Racial Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Beshadowed Mind Shadar-Kai, Int or Wis 13 Cause damage and block line of sight
Blackfire Touch Shadar-Kai, Int or Wis 15 Your touch becomes a weapon of flame
Bleak Visage Shadar-Kai Your appearance causes Fear in your enemies
Cage of Gloom Shadar-Kai You can Restrain a target with shadowy bonds
Dance of Death Shadar-Kai, wielding a weapon from the diven group, Dex 15 when attacked ur god and his severvant enter into the fight and slayer all who oppose you You make multiple attacks while shifting
Dark Scythe Shadar-Kai, and wielding a Scythe Your Scythe attacks weaken your targets and cause Necrotic damage
Deep Shadow Shadar-Kai, Int or Wis 15 You summon concealing shadows
Gloomstrike Shadar-Kai You can blind targets with your attacks
Improved Shadow Jaunt Shadar-Kai Your Shadow Jaunt racial power gains additional range and effect
Raven Queen's Servant Shadar-Kai, Benighted Birthright and/or Winter Favored You gain increased resistance to Cold or Necrotic damage
Reap and Fade
Ripping Blow Shadar-Kai You cause additional damage when you have Combat Advantage
Shadow Soldier Shadar-Kai You gain proficiency with the Katar and Spiked Chain
Sorrow's Scythe Shadar-Kai, and wielding a Scythe Your Scythe attacks mark your targets and cause Psychic damage
Veil of Shadows Shadar-Kai You can move after turning invisible

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