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Date Adopted: 11 December 2006
Status: Complete

This ore is infused with Zephyr, the essence of the Elemental Plane of Air. Any metallic item can be made from Zephyrium, and such items weigh 75% their normal weight. Further, weapons and armor made from Zephyrium have the following attributes:

Weapons made from Zephyrium have a +1 enhancement bonus to attack (which, as an enhancement bonus, does not stack with masterwork or magical bonuses) because the weapon can be more easily manipulated due to its lighter weight. However, the weapon has less mass, so does -1 damage. Further, the weapon bypasses the Damage Reduction of any creature with the Earth subtype.
Zephyrium ammunition has a range increment of x1.5, but does -1 damage. Further, the ammunition bypasses the Damage Reduction of any creature with the Earth subtype.
Any Zephyrium armor has an armor check penalty of one less and a lessened arcane spell failure chance by 5%, but also provides one less armor bonus to armor class. Further, any such armor grants the user a Protection from Earth effect, usable once per day for one minute (works against creatures with the Earth subtype, and otherwise acts as a Protection from Evil spell).

Zephyrium has 8 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 4.

Type of Zephyrium Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +4 gp
Light weapon +200 gp
One-handed weapon, or one head of a double weapon +250 gp
Two-handed weapon, or both heads of a double weapon +300 gp
Light Armor +100 gp
Medium Armor +150 gp
Heavy Armor +200 gp

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