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Pages and Goals

Complete Contributions[edit]

4000 Edits, Yay! (Including page moves)

Variant Rules[edit]

- Level Advancement (3.5e Variant Rule)

- Skill Advancement (3.5e Variant Rule)

- Generating Ability Scores (3.5e Variant Rule)

Character Options[edit]

- Anger Management (3.5e Trait)

- Politician (3.5e Feat)

- Intellectual (3.5e Feat)

- Studier (3.5e Feat)

- Night Terrors (3.5e Flaw)


- Books of Lore (3.5e Equipment)


- Charon (3.5e Race)

- Kreinos (3.5e Race)

- Okeanos (3.5e Race)


- Beastfighter (3.5e Class)

- Hunter (3.5e Class)

- Jumper (3.5e Class)

- Knight (3.5e Class)

- Mystic Blade (3.5e Class)

- Threat (3.5e Class)


- N/A

Campaign Settings[edit]

- N/A

To-do list[edit]

- Orion (3.5e Campaign Setting)

- A New World (3.5e Quest)

- Mundus (3.5e Class)


- Fix grammar and spelling on all wiki pages. (Ongoing)

- Move all DnD pages to their corresponding edition.

- Fix all Double Redirects

- Fix all pages in Category:Wording Issues

- Fix all pages in Category:Formatting Issues

Need Help With...[edit]

- I need help with feedback for my campaign setting, I wish to make it better and would love to know what people think about it.

- I need help again with my campaign setting, my races are not as flexible/open ended or balanced as I would like them to be. I am thinking about scrapping them and starting over. I need help creating more races and making sure they are playable and fitting.

- With my article, the mundus, I am trying to make something that I am truly proud of, my best article yet. Except I have never been great at creating abilities, I need help designing various powers and abilities for my class.

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