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This page lists pages that redirect to other redirect pages. Each row contains links to the first and second redirect, as well as the target of the second redirect, which is usually the "real" target page to which the first redirect should point. Crossed out entries have been solved.

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  1. Aberrant Bloodline (Variant) ( (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Aberrant Bloodline (Variant) (5e Archetype) →‎ Aberrant Bloodline (Variant) (5e Subclass)
  2. Slayer: Blade Dancer (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Blade Dancer, Variant (5e Archetype) →‎ Blade Dancer, Variant (5e Subclass)
  3. Blade Dancer (Fighter Archetype) (edit) →‎ Blade Dancer, Variant 2 (5e Archetype) →‎ Blade Dancer, Variant 2 (5e Subclass)
  4. Bladedancer (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Blade Dancer (5e Archetype) →‎ Blade Dancer (5e Subclass)
  5. Blademaster (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Blade Master (5e Archetype) →‎ Blade Master (5e Subclass)
  6. Bladecaller (edit) →‎ Bladecaller (5e Archetype) →‎ Bladecaller (5e Subclass)
  7. Bladedancer (Rogue Varient) (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Bladedancer, Variant (5e Archetype) →‎ Bladedancer, Variant (5e Subclass)
  8. Bloodhunter (edit) →‎ Bloodhunter (5e Archetype) →‎ Bloodhunter (5e Subclass)
  9. Cavalier (Fighter Archetype) (edit) →‎ Cavalier, Variant (5e Archetype) →‎ Cavalier, Variant (5e Subclass)
  10. Champion, Variant (edit) →‎ Champion, Variant (5e Archetype) →‎ Champion, Variant (5e Subclass)
  11. Champion (Overhaul) (edit) →‎ Champion (Overhaul) (5e Archetype) →‎ Champion (Overhaul) (5e Subclass)
  12. Circle of the Beast (Druidic Circle) (edit) →‎ Circle of Animals (5e Archetype) →‎ Circle of Animals (5e Subclass)
  13. Circle of The First Forest (edit) →‎ Circle of The First Forest (5e Archetype) →‎ Circle of The First Forest (5e Subclass)
  14. Circle of the Fountain (Druidic Circle) (edit) →‎ Circle of the Fountain (5e Archetype) →‎ Circle of the Fountain (5e Subclass)
  15. Circle of the Furies (edit) →‎ Circle of the Furies (5e Archetype) →‎ Circle of the Furies (5e Subclass)
  16. Circle of the Seasons (Druidic Circle) (edit) →‎ Circle of the Seasons (Druidic Circle) (5e Archetype) →‎ Circle of the Seasons (Druidic Circle) (5e Subclass)
  17. Circle of Animals, Variant (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Circle of the Wildlife (5e Archetype) →‎ Circle of the Wildlife (5e Subclass)
  18. College of boons (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ College of Boons (5e Archetype) →‎ College of Boons (5e Subclass)
  19. College of Compulsion(5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ College of Compulsion (5e Archetype) →‎ College of Compulsion (5e Subclass)
  20. Jester (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ College of Jesters (5e Archetype) →‎ College of Jesters (5e Subclass)
  21. College of Taiko (edit) →‎ College of Taiko (5e Archetype) →‎ College of Taiko (5e Subclass)
  22. College of Vylius (edit) →‎ College of Vylius (5e Archetype) →‎ College of Vylius (5e Subclass)
  23. College of the Band (edit) →‎ College of the Band (5e Archetype) →‎ College of the Band (5e Subclass)
  24. College of the Toréador (edit) →‎ College of the Toréador (5e Archetype) →‎ College of the Toréador (5e Subclass)
  25. Concrete Conduit (5e Archetype ) (edit) →‎ Concrete Conduit (5e Archetype) →‎ Concrete Conduit (5e Subclass)
  26. Divine Bloodline(5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Divine Bloodline, Variant (5e Archetype) →‎ Divine Bloodline, Variant (5e Subclass)
  27. Divine Bloodline (edit) →‎ Divine Bloodline (5e Archetype) →‎ Divine Bloodline (5e Subclass)
  28. Dragonknight (Fighter Archetype) (edit) →‎ Draconic Warrior (5e Archetype) →‎ Draconic Warrior (5e Subclass)
  29. Dragon Domain (edit) →‎ Dragon Domain (5e Archetype) →‎ Dragon Domain (5e Subclass)
  30. Dragon Knight (5e archetype) (edit) →‎ Dragon Knight (5e Archetype) →‎ Dragon Knight (5e Subclass)
  31. Dragoon (Fighter Archetype) (edit) →‎ Dragoon (5e Archetype) →‎ Dragoon (5e Subclass)
  32. Dread Master (edit) →‎ Dread Master (5e Archetype) →‎ Dread Master (5e Subclass)
  33. Einherji(5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Einherji (5e Archetype) →‎ Einherji (5e Subclass)
  34. Enhance Spell (DnD Feat) (edit) →‎ Enhance Spell (3.5e Feat) →‎ SRD:Enhance Spell
  35. Fade Touched (edit) →‎ Fade Touched (5e Archetype) →‎ Fade Touched (5e Subclass)
  36. Shield Brother (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Gladiator (5e Archetype) →‎ Gladiator (5e Subclass)
  37. Great Fortitude (DnD Feat) (edit) →‎ Great Fortitude (3.5e Feat) →‎ SRD:Great Fortitude
  38. Green Knight (5e archetype) (edit) →‎ Green Knight (5e Archetype) →‎ Green Knight (5e Subclass)
  39. Gunslinger (Intellect) (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Gunslinger, Intellect (5e Archetype) →‎ Gunslinger, Intellect (5e Subclass)
  40. Gunslinger, Intellect (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Gunslinger, Intellect (5e Subclass) →‎ Gunslinger, Intellect (5e Class)
  41. Gunslinger Fighter (edit) →‎ Gunslinger (5e Archetype) →‎ Gunslinger (5e Subclass)
  42. Gunslinger Fighter (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Gunslinger (5e Archetype) →‎ Gunslinger (5e Subclass)
  43. Hivemind Patron (edit) →‎ Hivemind Patron (5e Archetype) →‎ Hivemind Patron (5e Subclass)
  44. Huge Monstrous Spider (DnD Creature) (edit) →‎ Huge Monstrous Spider (3.5e Creature) →‎ SRD:Huge Monstrous Spider
  45. Hydra (DnD Creature) (edit) →‎ Hydra (3.5e Creature) →‎ SRD:Hydra
  46. Hydric bloodline (edit) →‎ Hydric Bloodline (5e Archetype) →‎ Hydric Bloodline (5e Subclass)
  47. Improved Death Attack (edit) →‎ Improved Death Attack (3.5e Feat) →‎ SRD:Improved Death Attack
  48. Incantrix (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Incantatrix (5e Archetype) →‎ Incantatrix (5e Subclass)
  49. Fencer (5e Archetype) (edit) →‎ Inferno (5e Archetype) →‎ Inferno (5e Subclass)
  50. Inquisitor (5e archetype) (edit) →‎ Inquisitor (5e Archetype) →‎ Inquisitor (5e Subclass)

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