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Status: Crisis over, but this is the busiest time of my life. It may take a day or two for me to get back to you!~ 22/12/16 is the day I get my goshdarn life back! Though I'll also need to focus on making money, I shall be free and flowing!

Welcome! I am an admin on this here wiki, apparently. I'm around to help y'all, just head to my talk page~.


I'm the cherry on your cake.
I'm the sugar with your coffee.
I'm the lion of your pride.

Grammatical issues are ones I truly despise,
These errors are to me like big lumps to a sieve.
The real long articles cause most of my desperate cries,
Category: Wording Issues is where I now live.

Alas, I am but butter to the pan,
Longing forever for consumption.
But I am now liquid, mossed, expired,
I would choose to live here once more.

Abouteth I[edit]

I hail from the land of the English, the heart of the true British Empire! So I do apologise if I Brittanicacize something rather than americanize it.

Though I have played a many, Tulock is my pride and joy of DnD characters. Played from goddamn level 1. Almost entirely SRD+Splatbooks. Though I'm not obsessed enough to put up his amazing conversations and deeds, his page will stand as my banner, my flag, my reason for existence.

I am not well versed in the ways of 4e, but I have played 3.5e, Pathfinder and 2.5e, and know those systems pretty well. 4e seems 'aight, though.

Sadly, my DnD days are behind me right now, but maybe one day I'll find new friends who want to play DnD, and my happiness can restart. If you're looking for a player and think that SgtLion is a pretty hip dude, I'm certainly interested.

If for any reason you want to write on my talk page, please do, because I really like when people speak to me. Not in a creepy way, I think, I just enjoy interaction <3.


To do[edit]


Apparently I like, have some hand in articles. Eesh, I'm not fit to be a parent.

..None of them are finished. I did say I wasn't fit.

Actually I did finish..

Neat. I should be proud.

Subpages (Or whatever productive people have)[edit]


Yes, this will be its own section now. Two and a half stars is enough for me to warrant it: I'm rich!:

Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I give you this Barnstar for your outstanding work in helping to correct spelling, grammatical errors, and other language issues with articles. These small changes help improve each and every page, as well as improve upon the quality of D&D wiki as a whole. --Hooper 03:32, 19 October 2009 (CST)
Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
Mini Barnstar has evolved into Barnstar! In recognition of your continued devotion to maintenance tasks and for your good humour. Marasmusine (talk) 14:23, 13 October 2015 (MDT)

"for going through all those maintenance templates.. ..have a mini barnstar: * Marasmusine (talk) 06:13, 7 August 2013 (MDT)"

1 "SgtLion, I award you with 5 mini-barnstars: ***** Marasmusine (talk) 06:54, 14 September 2015 (MDT)"

Recommended Pages[edit]

This is undoubtedly a section that will need fixing when I break the template:

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 2.3.0 : Warning: No results.


This section is to secretly declare my love for wiki friends,
Though they'll not acknowledge it, it's my love I.. sends.

The first and original, the true GD,
Your commitment and insight forever astound me.
A second and so cool, my dear Marasmusine,
You put your words behind me, and since, we are kin. (I'm pretty sure that rhymes with how your name is said)
[Plus an extra line for my total crush on you - is that a sin?]
Poetic, with soul, I talk of course of my Salasay,
Your greetings, your care, your words make every day.
Most certainly blind to this, I dare mention Blue Dragon,
Wizardry, knowledge and friendliness, thanks a ton~
A constant positive, no doubt a closest Jwguy,
Whenever we converse, my heart just dares to fly!
Woah, that was a fast impression, smart Darkzumi, (Smartzumi?)
Charming? Sharp eye? Niceties? You've woo'd me.
Apologies to all who I did fail to mention,
Talk to me more, if you want ascension!

Yeah I won't be playing a Bard anytime soon don't worry. It's just like, I gotta add a human quality to the stone cold professionalism we dandwiki-ers seem to love.
I'm pretty sure nobody reads this, but I hope you all feel my hidden friendship energy radiating out into you.

I feel like I should have a breadcrumb here

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