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This is an attempt to optimize critical hits while still giving the character plenty of options and defenses.


Core SRD

Game Rule Components[edit]

Race and Templates[edit]



Ranger, Barbarian, Fighter, Horizon Walker


Power attack, Track, Two-weapon fighting, Cleave, Weapon Focus, Improved Two-weapon fighting, Quick-Draw, Endurance, Great Cleave, Greater Two-weapon fighting, Weapon Specialization, Improved critical, Diehard

Spells, Powers, Items[edit]

One first level ranger spell. Not extremely useful, but it does not hurt. A ring of +4 DEX is a must with this build. Due to a relatively good reflex save and a decent DEX, especially accounting for the ring of +4 DEX, a ring of evasion is a fairly good idea. Best to use a combination of Scimitar and Light Scimitar in off hand for weapons


Favoured enemy, Rage, Fast Movement, Uncanny Dodge, Desert Mastery, Trap sense +3, Animal companion, Improved uncanny dodge, Damage reduction 2/—, Greater rage


Starting stats will be, ideally, something like this:

  • Strength 18 +2 (+5)
  • Dexterity 15 (+2)
  • Constitution 14 (+2)
  • Intelligence 10 -2 (-1)
  • Wisdom 12 (+1)
  • Charisma 8 -2 (-2)

Though be sure to maximize STR and try to have at least a 15 in DEX

ECL Class/HD/LA Skills Bab Saves (F,R,W) Feats Special
1st Ranger 1 6 x4 +1 2,2,0 Power attack, Ranger 1: Track Favoured enemy
2nd Ranger 2 6 +2 3,3,0 Ranger 2: Two-weapon fighting
3rd Ranger 2, Barbarian 1 4 +3 3,3,1 Cleave Rage, Fast Movement
4th Ranger 2, Barbarian 2 4 +4 4,3,1 Uncanny Dodge
5th Ranger 2, Barbarian 2, Fighter 1 2 +5 4,4,1 Weapon Focus
6th Ranger 2, Barbarian 2, Fighter 2 2 +6/+1 5,4,2 Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Quick Draw
7th Ranger 3, Barbarian 2, Fighter 2 6 +7/+2 5,4,2 Ranger 3: Endurance
8th Ranger 3, Barbarian 2, Fighter 2, Horizon Walker 1 2 +8/+3 6,5,2 Desert Terain Mastery
9th Ranger 3, Barbarian 2, Fighter 3, Horizon Walker 1 2 +9/+4 6,5,3 Improved Critical
10th Ranger 3, Barbarian 3, Fighter 3, Horizon Walker 1 4 +10/+5 7,5,3 Trap sense +1
11th Ranger 3, Barbarian 3, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 2 +11/+6/+1 7,6,3 Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
12th Ranger 4, Barbarian 3, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 6 +12/+7/+2 8,6,4 Weapon Specialization Animal companion, Spells
13th Ranger 4, Barbarian 4, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 4 +13/+8/+3 8,7,4 Rage 2/day
14th Ranger 4, Barbarian 5, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 4 +14/+9/+4 9,7,4 Improved uncanny dodge
15th Ranger 4, Barbarian 6, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 4 +15/+10/+5 9,7,5 Great Cleave Trap sense +2
16th Ranger 4, Barbarian 7, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 4 +16/+11/+6/+1 10,8,5 Damage reduction 1/—
17th Ranger 4, Barbarian 8, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 4 +17/+12/+7/+2 10,8,5 Rage 3/day
18th Ranger 4, Barbarian 9, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 4 +18/+13/+8/+3 11,8,6 Diehard Trap sense +3
19th Ranger 4, Barbarian 10, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 4 +19/+14/+9/+4 11,9,6 Damage reduction 2/—
20th Ranger 4, Barbarian 11, Fighter 4, Horizon Walker 1 4 +20/+15/+10/+5 12,9,6 Greater rage


Desert Mastery allows you to rage with out worrying about fatigue.

The general idea is to increase the additional damage modifiers on the weapons because they are what is going to matter when you crit.

This build has a huge Fortitude save

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

Also if you have the money you can buy a nice pair of vorpal Kukris.

  • Taking a level in rogue, instead of Ranger 4, will give you +1d6 sneak attack, trapfinding, and more skill points; at the cost of fortitude saves, some minor casting, a very weak animal companion, and one point of BAB.
  • You can gain 'pounce' (complete champion) or whirling frenzy (Unearthed Arcana), or the feats leap attack and combat brute.
  • And Use Magic device is your friend :) Won't do as well with a low charisma, but it's enough to use a healing wand after the fight, or a buffing spell scroll before the fight.
  • Don't take Quick Draw on Fighter 2, yo can do this with two augment cristalls if you want, instead take ACF Resolute from Complete Champion, that will solve your problem of low will save (actually with barbarian rage and rsolute your will can be higher than will of wizard or sorcerer))

Side Notes[edit]


Weaker against creatures immune to critical hits, but not as much as many other crit builds. Because this build draws heavily from barbarian levels, it can do substantial damage even on a normal hit.

This build has a very low Will save for most of its early levels, and it stays weak for the entire build. This is partially offset by rage which temporarily raises your will save by a small amount

Even if you are proficient with heavy and medium armor you can use only light or you will lose the Two-Weapons Fighting that you get as a ranger

DM Counters[edit]

This build has a critical weakness in it's will save. Mind effects and other will-save takers could be devastating to this killing machine.-->



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