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Alright a lot of people have seen how 3.5 worked out and the verdict was more or less that while not as loopy as 3.0 it left a lot to be desired for how things played, how people interacted and overall how well things worked out. This entire book is an effort to make a one stop shop of revamped classes, improved feats, the combat system and just about every other area of the game. Most of the rules streamline what exists or corrects things that don't make sense - for example why do some classes have upwards of twenty separate class skills? Why are certain skills not combined? Why do I even care about feats? Why would I care to play anything in the main book when every book that comes out stays true to WotC formula of breaking anything that came before to the point that it is useless? And the most important thing to me - why is there no table for giving experienced based upon good role playing (you know this being an RPG and all.) Hopefully this supplement will correct or at least improve all of these subjects, and since I am not required to sit here and add pages of fluff until my eyes bleed I should be able to summarize into a few pages what they took entire large chunks of a book to accomplish.

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