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The Core[edit]

Many issues form from the base rules of DnD from one of two sources: Balance being the main concern and it not making sense is the other. This sourcebook is my compendium of rules I have implemented to make things more fun for the players, more fun for the DM and less stupid all around.

This supplement is designed mostly with my world view in mind (which may eventually get added to the wiki) but is compatible with just about any setting. Keep in mind these rules are designed to make your characters feel like actual Heroes and they will be much more powerful than a normal character in a standard campaign. But in keeping that in mind they are able to face more challenging encounters easier which adds a new dimension of fun to the game.




Chapter 1: Character Creation

Ability Scores
Epic Levels

Chapter 2: Classes

Fighting Types
Skilled Characters
Divine Casters
Arcane Casters

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