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Puppet Shinanigans[edit]

First off good concept, secondly what is the speed of these puppets and how large are they? Also Where's the spell list? These are some of the questions that need to be answered to have the class be successful. D.M.DemonicPanda


Thanks for the questions. I have put the spell list in; It's just the Bard spell list copied and pasted into the right place, but I think I will change it to just say something about taking spells from the Bard spell list.

Please give feed back.


All and all things look pretty good you might want to remove summon instrument from the spell list considering under these circumstances it's more or less useless. Also you could remove rows 7-9 on the Spells/day section considering they are unused. But yeah this class is really coming together quite nicely. D.M.DemonicPanda
I Must say, this is quite a ripoff from what I'm working on: Manipulator (DnD Class)‎... By which I mean the concept op a Puppeteer, but mostly the use of the same word "Path's"... Anyway, instead of flaming and becoming pissed, we both seem inspired for this kinda class. What would you say about an collaboration :) Pharen 23:29, 2 April 2009 (MDT)
I don't know how I could have missed another class like this one. I'm sorry if I'm ripping off your idea. I truly did not know there was another class similar to this, but I think a collaboration would be a great idea.
Hmm, after all, I don't have much time to be online lately. I solved it a little differently, the class I was working on now focuses on bringing many small puppets to life for small moments instead of training one powerfull one. This way we'll have two nice classes :) Pharen 23:31, 19 April 2009 (MDT)

additional Puppet Master content idea.[edit]

Its a good concept, but it maybe would be better if you gave the option to have bigger puppets and/or more puppets. If u do add this, i have a few suggestions. 1. you could set it up like the ranger's combat style, were one path gives you the ability to control bigger puppets and the other path gives you the ability to control more puppets. 2. set them up like feats that can be taken multiple time(For this i think you will need to put in a max number of times taken). Here is some examples: Enlarged Puppet effects: grants puppet master the ability to control a puppet 1 size larger then he/she is currently controlling. Max puppet size large. Many puppets effects: gives the puppet master the ability to control 1 more puppet. Maximum number of puppets 6.

I give you the permission to use the feat names if they are not all ready taken.--Lordtirklery 05:36, 26 February 2012 (MST)

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