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I found the race to weak to be playable, so I changed it up. The cowardice of the grunts is still there, and their confidence while they have commanding officers is shown. I added in the idea that they're good with item creation just because it seems to fit (at least for plasma grenade-like items; an explosive that can stick to people and requires a high strength check to remove?), and also put in a fair amount of proficiency with ranged weapons, because Grunts are never using close-range weapons (Brute Shot, Energy Sword, Grav. Hammer, etc). I gave them a support effect while near comrades, and detrimental effect while near enemies (group morale vs. cowardly), and then added the flavorful bonuses of +2 to Hide and Knowledge (Religion). And finally I modified Covenant into two different forms (maybe three would be appropriate?) and added common so that the Grunts can communicate normally. The bonus languages are based on Dwarven; the race that I think the Grunts are most closely related to.

I think that you should add in the data about physical characteristics, social life, and whatnot above, because the things in your link talk about Grunts in the Halo Scheme. This is D&D, and you need to adapt the stuff here to the classic D&D setting (like what is the normal alignment? Where are the Grunt lands? And what are some Grunt names? These things are mentioned on Valor 21:17, 12 June 2009 (MDT)

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